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Hannah Sinton

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I do still respond! Just slowly.  But yeah, the saves are broken.  I don't know when/if I'll get the chance to fix it, life is pretty busy, but thanks for even checking this silly thing out!

Hi! Yeah, I wanted to use the custom name more and have a lot more content,  but I lost a lot of steam for this project as the deadline loomed closer. I'm hoping to one day muster up the energy to flesh things out some more and improve the game! 

Oh, I think I found them! When you got a game over on the slow route, you were unable to progress when starting the slow route again and there was an if error in a passage because I messed up the quotation marks. Fixed both of them! Thanks again. :)

Thanks for the feedback! Do you remember what other errors you ran into? I fixed the blank passage issue, I just forgot to put the correct file as the playable one since I was fixing other small issues my friends ran into.