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Ah!!! Thank you so much!

An early-access version of the game with 7 chapters will be released on March, probably! And the full version should be released by May/June. =)

I'm so happy you liked the demo, hopefully the full game won't be a disappointment!

P.s: You can actually romance all 3 of the characters and choose one particular romance later on in the game. =) They all have their own timeline in the game, so it's possible to romance all 3 in the same playthrough without breaking anyone's heart. :P

Thank you, KayC.

I'll have an early-access version released this month and the full version will be released in May. =)

Thank you so much! And yes, this is a commercial game. =)

Hello! Thank you sooo much!
You can romance Egon, Karel and Pious in the game.
As for Egon and Pious, you'll have to wait and see!The full game will be out on May, but an early access version with 7 chapters will be out this month. =) <3

Thank you so so much! :) The full game will be released on May and an Early-access version may be released this month. =)

Thank you soo much! Your English is perfect. (Although it's not my native too! haha) <3

Thank you so much! =) The full game will be released on May, but an early-access version may be released this month!

Thank you so much! Hopefully you'll enjoy the full game once it's released! =)

Thank you so much! :D

Thank you! =)

Thank you so much! =)

Many anti virus programs give a false positive for indie games. =) As long as you download them from reliable sources it should be fine.

<3 Thank you so so so much!!! =)

Thank you so much! :D

Linen Tale demo, unfortunately, won't be available anytime soon. =) I will probably release the demo about a few weeks from actual release.

Thank you so so much for waiting! :) <3

=D <3!

>=D <3 Thank youuu!

So, Pytom thinks outdated video card drivers are mostly causing the issue. Updating the video drivers should fix the problem. :)

Did you try updating your video card?

Yes, please! That would be great :)! <3

Thank you so much! :) <3

No, there are several people with the same invisible text problem. I'm still trying to figure out what might be causing this. Do you mind if you can tell me your Operating System and your resolution? :) I'm sorry you are having trouble with the game. I will do my best to fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you so so much! :D There were several people who were also bothered with the dialog box fade in and out, I will be fixing that in the final version! :D

I don't actually plan on having a rewind option, as I want to keep a certain "urgency" feeling in the game, but I will certainly try and improve the text on replies, so there won't be a lot of confusion. =)

Thank you so much for the long review! I hope you will enjoy the final release as much! =)

=D hehe! Thank you so much!

:) Thank you so much! <3