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Igor Dalla Via

A member registered Feb 18, 2016

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Ok,so I played the demo but I didn't complete it as I had many problems trying figuring out where to go.But let's start from the beginning.

-Graphic style

At first glance my eyes were bleeding and I couldn't believe that the developer would present the game in this way.But after two minutes I understood why he decided to use this style and in my opinion it's a great and brilliant idea.

-Combat system

The combat system is very funny but it is often repetitive and redundant like in the 2° dungeon where I had to fight 4-5 time the same "fork" enemy.The boss fights were quite challenging especcialy the first one, Kimera.The second boss,Suco (?), had some hit-boxes issues.The fights were generally too easy because of the very large "Health pool" of the player.

-Sound and music

Sounds were "ok" while the music tracks were quite generic.However music is not my field so I could be wrong.

-Story and characters

The story is light and easy to follow.It has a really unique concept.The characters keep the story very interesting as they are AWESOME.They are also weird and really funny.

So why I didn't finish it?well because there is a really huge lack of direction.I didn't know where to go exactly after the second boss and I tried EVERYTHING.

What do I think about this game?

I think that this game is a hidden gem.It has TONS of potential,really.But it has a really long way to go.