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I tried to map the 13 VtM clans to your character roles: 

The Power Broker = Ventrue

The Sophisticate = Toreador

The Tempter = Followers of Set

The Rabble-Rouser = Brujah

The Sorcerer = Giovanni & Tremere

The Silent = Assamites

The Wildkin = Gangrel

The Visionary = Malkavian

The Unsettling = Nosferatu

The Noble = Lasombra & Tzimisce

Would you agree with this mapping?

And where would you fit in the Ravnos?

All the best & love your game ^_^

PS: Do you plan for any supplements?

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Thanks & so looking forward to the release! Getting through the last 5% is always the hardest part 馃槈 All the best for the finalisation 馃崁

Today, with Inhibitor Phase released: Any news on the stand-alone version? Really hyped ^_^

Great Update, sounds beautiful and so looking forward to the stand alone release, and very happy that you're focussing on the Player and GM sections. Love the Game, and think that especially these section will be essential for new Players/GMs to get a better understanding of what its all about, tone, style and themes. Nocturne ist such a deep and wonderfully nuanced game (based in its literary touchstones) that its important to give newcomers enought context to grok the universe.

Cool & will do, looking forward to it! Thanks Calum ^_^

Hi Calum, hope you're well! Any chance for a general progress update and expected publication timeline? Now with "Inhibitor Phase" announced for release in July I'm really hyped to play full A Nocturne ^_^

Thanks Calum! Happy to hear its moving along, looking forward to the Update. Would have been cool to have something for X-Mas, but I'd rather have a book where enough time was spent to make it whole than rush things. I'm sure it'll turn out great! Do you plan to set-up an PoD option?

Any news on the Stand-Alone Version? Still very much looking forward to it ^_^

So looking forward to this! Thanks Calum and all the best, really great Work, glad its progressing 馃憤

Any news on the Stand-Alone Version?

Beautiful, so looking forward to the Forged in the Dark Stand-Alone Version. This Game very much deserves its own book.