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really cool take on the theme! nice job

really cool take on the theme! nice job

I love how similar to portal this is! It seems like the ideas have plenty of potential!

I'd love to see some of the ideas expanded after the jam.

Cute and silly game! I laughed a whole lot while playing this game.

Doesn't seem to work but I think it's probably just my computer so I'm not gonna leave a rating just to be fair.



The fact that you finished most of the game is a great encouragement!

BABA IS DICE indeed.

Thanks! Yeah, I noticed the shortcuts after the submission deadline.

I guess that's what happens when you get too tunnel-visioned.

But thanks for playing!

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Interesting game! I enjoyed the intro very much - interesting dialogue and great music.

I died to the pawn a lot tho.

This game was really unique! It was lots of fun! The comments between each stage really helped a lot with the progression.

I have no idea how you managed to squeeze so much content into a game in 48 hrs.

But dang, what a great game! I wasn't too sure about the art style at first but it really grew on me as I kept playing.

Loved the monument valley perspective trick. Of all the dice rolling games in the jam, this has to be one of the most unique!

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Knew who it was the moment I saw the art style lol

Great job as usual Noa!

I hope you get top 20 in this game jam! 

Black Dice to the moon

btw, my high score is 1100. I'm pretty proud of it

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, this game is pretty addictive

It's a pretty good game but I'm not sure if it's a bug or sth but it freezes up from time to time.

Cool and simple puzzle game!

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I saw a bunch of submissions with a grid, and you had to make sure the die was on the correct face to proceed on certain tiles. 

This is the only one with that made me feel clever. The visual clarity in the design also made it super approachable and easy on the eyes. 

I'm rooting for you!

Oh gosh, this game gets hard really really quick. But it's a really really fun game and I'm excited to see what you'll do with the idea after the jam.

Simple yet impactful art style. 

Good job!

This is probably one of the best executions of the idea in the jam. I've seen lots of games in the jam with a similar idea but your presentation was really good.

I loved the visuals in this game!

Also, what a neat idea! A simple yet creative idea!

UI was pretty dang good and the game was really fun

cool game

Your pixel art is so dang good. Holy moly.

Also, what a fun card game! I usually don't like playing card games but this one was really fun!

It's such a weird concept but you executed it so well!

This was a really fun game!

I really liked the art style and the colors you picked!

Haha yeah, the last one was kind of a mistake. When I played it, I thought it was a pretty smart puzzle. But when I played it after submitting it, I realized I could move straight up to solve it.

Seems like the kind of thing that sleep deprivation does to a person.

This was a pretty good game!

Really simple and fun mechanics!

This was the game of all time. 

Certainly the experience that I've experienced.

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Haha yeah, I initially thought of doing a game like the other games. But I found it a bit too hard to think 3 dimensionally and about what face will appear next.

So I thought it'd be cool to just distill the idea into something much simpler for other smooth-brained people.

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I had a whole lotta fun playing this game. Good job!

I absolutely stink at this game but I had a lot of fun!

I gave you a full score. I really like the art style and the game was really fun.

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A pretty cool idea but I feel like having some indicators for what the next side will be will be pretty good. Otherwise, it's pretty hard to think ahead and I find myself just moving randomly until I get to the flag.

Edit: I just read the other comments. It seems like they added that already.

I love the art style, it kinda reminds me of katamari damacy.

The presentation was also really well done. The mechanics are simple to understand and very creative.

I hope you will expand on this idea a bit more after the jam!

Yeah, I definitely wanted to add icons for the level map. I think I stayed up late fixing a bunch of other things and I definitely left the level map in the backburner. I was too tired before I could ever get to it.

But thanks for playing my game! 

Also, I played your game and it's such a nifty idea!

Your thumbnail immediately caught my eye. I loved the colors you picked and your art style.

The game was pretty dang hard but I must be a masochist or something because I had a lot of fun!

What a great idea!

It took me a while to really get used to the game but when I did get used to it, I thought the game was great! 

What a quirky art style!

This might honestly be my favorite game in the jam. What a great game!