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Michael Beckman

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Posted in Odd loop?

So, it would seem it's the browser that's causing the issues. I usually run Brave (this is where the game never worked correctly). I also ran the game on Safari and Firefox. Worked fine there.

Posted in Odd loop?

Hello again.

I do not have access to those stages. It starts with Junk, who asks me what I am. Beat the single enemy. Character says better see Junk again. Back to odd job. Repeat.

Created a new topic Odd loop?


I meet Junk, we go to the first map, I head to the map and beat the one monster, then head back to Junk. Repeat. Am I missing something here?


That sounds like a great addition. So many times I moved to be near an enemy just to run out of AP. I think that will really help

Man, the barbarian is kind of hard to keep going on the second "level." Even with two helpers, the range attacks of the baddies overwhelmed us pretty quickly. But, as usual, might just be my sucky gaming skills.

Still loving it.

All right!!! Level 10 with 1121 gold. Not bad.

Let's see. I really am having a blast with this game. Needs a reset after the character dies. I had all my team down and it would just keep cycling through turns. And are you going to implement more upgrades for the allies? Or differing kinds?

(Sorry if this is covered in the patch notes.)