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I made an update. Some new things appeared and some old things disapeared :)

Thank You for Your feedback! :)

Unfortunately there is always lack of time while doing this jams ;P, I didn't have time to finish falling objects (aaahh, I had beautiful plans :D)

And about controls, I need to admit that UI is pretty bad implemented. The bar above could be this weight-center. It actually shows something almost similiar. It shows how much input gathered from mouse is off on one or another side. But I think I will make this weight-center bar.

While I created prototype this game was .. to easy for me, and that is the only reason why I make weights of each falling item random (altough every shape and color has aconstant weights <- this is not random). I tought that right and left bars would be coolish ui element, but i think i overdid them, so probably will remove it.

Yea, and the think I prefer is to zoom out, and probably implement this when I will have time.

Thanks for feedback, I will surely take that advices into account for this game, and future games. :)

I like this game. On the beggining I was a little confused because I couldn't attach any of dna(?) chain, but after a little while i mastered it.

Nice concept and really clean graphics. I like the summary screen (like from old games :))

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To be honest, i did think about spell cooldown by myself and I didn't like it, but didn't have much more time to the over of jam. About walls, I didn't think about solution which You came up with (I don't know why :)), and I think it works well.
In the newest version which is online now I fixed both things You described in Your comment.

I'm glad that You liked this game, and thank You very much for constructive feedback!