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Nice game!! I love turn-based behavior, quick blending animations between static steps (rain, smoke, drops, ...). Oh! I love the vignette pixel effect too.

Only just waiting for more levels! GOOD WORK!

Mac Os version it's possible? Ok i just easy ported the .exe with Wine/WineBottler. 

When a MacOS os version? :P

i don`t see hehe , your game looks pretty unique! Congrats!

Cute and nice dude!!! ;)

Hey! Thanks for your interest and comments, for playing Piawk and all the dedication in offering me feedback and support. For me it is very valuable. I read your article with great interest and I found it great!! Indeed, my intention was to create something different, both visually and in gameplay. Narration is an important component for me, I think a game must contain a good story, either literally or subjectively. As you know it has been a small prototype, created with very few resources and that has helped me to learn many things. Regards my friend.

Hello! I'm so glad you enjoyed playing Piawk. I'm working on improving the game, both visually, as the gameplay. We will be back for our friends. Thank you for your comments.

Nice concept & music! ;)

Thank you for your valuable feedback and for playing PiAwk! I'm so glad you like it.

Just working on improve the character controller for a better experience: jumps and walking!

I love this first project and I wish to stay working for publish a more complete version soon. The comments of the players have not been bad so it's probably that piawk will continue growing!


Hey thanks!! For now the music is available only in the playable demo.. Maybe in a future release I include some music and art in a bundle. :

Hey Tookipalooki! Thank you very much for your kindy words. I'm glad to hear that you liked to play PiAwk!

Thanks for sharing your gameplay. It's very useful as feedback to keep learning and improving.

Best regards!! :)

Thank you! Omnipotent Potato! :D

Hello CrypticHybrid !! Thanks for playing Piawk and for sharing it! This video is very useful for me to learning a lot of things. I am very pleased!! It has been a very fun and exciting time watching how you play my first project.