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Maybe you'll can find one more coin... or few ;)

This package does not contain any "ShaderGraph" components.

1. Backup your project.
2. Update ShaderGraph package and URP package with Package Manager.
3. Remove Library folder.
4. Reopen project.

Also, you can remove UniversalRenderPipelineAsset.asset and UniversalRendererPipeline_Renderer.asset and create your own.

More about URP

Thanks for your review.
Use our support email for special imports.

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I also tried to contact support.
No answer since June 6th.
I have a problem with payouts for more than a month.

Tip: Use slopes ;)

On some stages, you have a choose - get a coin or perform better level time. 

So, you can run for any% or get 100% run with coins.
Two different challenges.

All work completed!
Play in browser My name is Steve

My name is Steve

Some tracks were used in this game:
Thank you.

I used your coin animation here:
Thank you.

Some sounds were used here:

I used your art in this game:
Thank you.

15 levels and new blocks bevaviour is done.

I chose a new name for the game ;)
Meet "My name is Steve". And he really wants to get to the other side!

Some gameplay video.
I continue to work on levels and some settings specifically for speedrun sessions.

Also, I think I'll change the title of this game in the future to more... fantasy or something.

At this moment, 10 levels is done.
Keep working :)

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Hey there :)

After I watched a speedrun video with my favorite streamer I had an idea of a little platforming challenge.
In early March I created three-buttons adventure. It is not a "story" game (may be later...), it is a game with some real task.
Reach a final level asap, collect all coins (or collect zero coins), minimum count of death, and so on.

With the first few levels I tried to create smooth gameplay and hard, but reachable collisions. 
I plan to do about 30-50 levels. 
You can try it here:


Thanks ;)

A little platforming challenge. Enjoy)
Play in your browser:

I really wanted to craft a small racing game with a synthwave soundtrack. I think it turned out to be hypnotizing.
Highway, neons.... palms... 

I will be grateful for the feedback. Thank you.

Hello, my Iowa. The sun will be setting soon, still, we have a lot of preparations to make for the ritual, so that our shaman can depart safely into the Spirit realm. Could you lend us a helping hand, my dear granddaughter? Please, find one very special Golden mushroom, it should grow deep within the caves.
Don't forget to light the bonfires on your way - they will guide your spirit if you are lost.
And be wary of the creatures in the caves. Take care and thank you for your help.


Hey, you! Yes, you! Are you having a good day? We hope you are! In any case, there's a way to make your day even better with this cutest game!
Do you like popping bubble wrap? Here's something even better - bubble cats! Cute, satisfying and good for the environment - pop all the bubbles with no plastic waste in the ocean!
Try not to miss any cats! They all need some TLC or at least some boops!
Complete all levels and get the highest booping score!

Get free: