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All off you did an amazing job! 

I hope you join the next GameIt! Game jam! 

Good job everyone! 

Hope you had fun! 

Yes of cource!

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I am happy you'd love to join!

I do not really know any way to get a group faster...

But try the game jams discord server!

by the way.

I haven't been through alot of game jams ethier!

I have been through 2 the wowie jam and brackeys game jam!

This is my first jam I am hosting!

Also, If you need any help.. make a fourum and I will check it!

Thank you for joining!


SIRIUSLY LAGGY! NEEDS TO BE FIXED! The pklayer controller is hard to control. I think the source code should be realeased or modding and mapping.

Dig Deep community · Created a new topic Ideas:

1. Make a multiplayer game mode where you race against your freinds...

2. Add 3  hearts you lose 1 every time a bomb blows up or if a monster touches you...

3. In-game shop the gold you mine stays with you and you can buy exlusive agents, boosts and more!

Yeah thats it! So far... REAL GOOD GAME!

WOW!! level 3 is hard... RIGHT AWAY! Anywho... AMAZING GAME! 

I don't really get how to play... PLEASE make an intro level witch shows how to play... the player controller is kinda hard to control.... Anyway its nice! Love the audio and graphics! Real nice how you made 2D graphics 3D! Good Job!

AMAZING! Fun and logical! I LOVE a good logical game! Nice job!

Is SCP-049 in the game? if not please add it! And the Burning man! IF IT IS NOT IN THE GAME!

Please play my game: WALK, 

Made by a 9 year old... 

lol I am like the same way like did he mean I tried your game! He shouldn't have added boy! Anyway I do it sometimes too, AND MY MOM AND DAD ALOT WHEN THEY TALK ENGLISH TO PEOPLE I AM LIKE  "are these people cave men?"

Hello all of the participants of the Brackeys game jam 2...

While I managed not to know how to make games when the first game jam started...

I did however manage to get into the second!

So if you didn't try out WALK (a walking simulator...)




The game was originally made for the first Wowwie jam..

The next Brackeys game jam is next year... right?

well next time I will try to get my head hooked up on some C# okay? AND MAKE THE GAME DURING THE JAM!!

I already submitted the game before getting to a place in the rules where it says NO STANDERS ASSETS... The only two things I used from standard assets was the FPSPlayer and the trees why did I use the trees??? Well your answer to that is the UI of Blender and other modeling softwares... And my lack of knowledge on C#...

I WILL TRY that on the third Brackeys game jam to make it DURING THE GAME JAM and to NOT USE ANY ASSETS FROM STANDARD ASSETS and to hook up C# skills so I CAN BUILD A character CONTROLLER (I hope we will be able to follow tutorials... cause I am in a state called tutorial Hell (means you watch tutorial for everything (sometimes I even do when I don't even try...).) (and try to get out of tutorial hell... it is hot in there...)

Anyways that is all I wanted to say... OPPS I FORGOT TO MENTION I AM 9 YEARS OLD... (turning ten on April 3)

Thank you for reading good bye...

Live but Don't Die

-Daniel Maloschik

(P.S sorry for my bad english I am from Hungary moved to California when I was 5.)

I tried to add an up and down rotation, but inside unity ut works up and down and I try the game from itch and it doesent work! Well... I'll have to look into that.Thanks for your feedback, and thank you for telling me how the game links to the topic. 

Sorry If I did break the rules I LOVE BRACKYS And I at least wanted to participate. AND I am only 9 years old, turning 10 on April 3.

Thak you!

Thank you for your fedback! I really apritiate it!

It's confusing.

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The controlls are hard\, I can't jump high enough to reach the platform Though it is REALLY good!

Thanks! And I thank you for making this game Jam! It brought back WALK!

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I am sorry If you didn't Like it I am by far the youngest game dev here. I am 9 years old.

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If this doesn't work then try this one out:

WANT TO TRY OUT THE OLD WALK? It isn't stable though so be careful!

The game doesn't follow  the topic. Why? Cause HE SAID WE CAN! This is the second version of WALK the first version of walk is multiplayer but doesn't work well... it also uses a not really cool environment! Though you can download it here:…

You can also download other apps from that website!