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now that i've thought about this some more, maybe it does make sense to use an application outside of bitsy for this? for example idk if a whole color scheme generator would be within the scope of bitsy, but that would be something one might want to use alongside bitsy also. so… i guess i kinda both retract it as a request and leave it as a suggestion.

i really like the new color dialog! it's a lot more convenient having it all in one form rather than with separate dialogs, plus i like the color picker.

it reminded me of a feature i would like: the ability to hand-tweak exact Hue/Saturation/Value numbers (the actual numbers, versus purely visual continuum/sliders). currently on the bitsy vignettes i'm working on, i'm making up the palettes by having another program open and finding exact HSV triples in that, but it'd be nice if that were in the bitsy color dialog.

that said, this new color dialog is pretty ideal. thanks for this great tool and the improvements you're making to it!

i recently belatedly rated a game based on my experience of an earlier form of it and then realized the game has changed significantly since then, so i wanted to remove the rating, but i don't see an option for that. Is this possible? If not, I would appreciate if it were made possible. Thanks!

awesome! thank you!

also, thanks for your help!

I'm not using a VPN as far as I'm aware.

i just realized it might be showing the captcha because it's not handling my email address correctly? it was hard to notice in between my attempts at the captcha but it said something about "username must be at most 25 characters" even though what i'd entered was my email address. i changed it back to my username and managed to log in, but it was really irritating having to solve a captcha just to get to the error message.

Just today, the desktop app (on linux) said that my login expired and then presented me with captchas. But every time I completed one it either said "try again" or, when I finally got past one, it showed the green check mark and when I hit the "log in" button just took me back to the username/password prompt, restarting the entire process. After that I tried waiting instead after getting the check mark, but nothing happened.

dragging on the sprite editor causes page elements to be selected

after dragging from the sprite editor to outside it, then back inside, no more pixels will be placed

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it seems impossible to drag a window right of the rightmost window (and if the dragged window is the rightmost, impossible to drop it back in its place if it's already been dragged over to another but not dropped yet)

workaround: drag the rightmost window left instead

edit: in case it matters i'm using the "desktop" version on linux (apparently the itch-supplied self-contained browser)

i'm still hoping to improve the ui but yeah i think i hit on an okay compromise so far.

making a happy medium between slow and fast is tricky… i'm literally using built-in functions to differentiate them, so i'd need more complex logic for a medium. i'll think about it and see what i can come up with.

your comment and another one i received are making me excited to make some improvements i didn't have time for or that i came up with after the fact. thanks eevee!

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re: tiny terrarium, thanks, this inspires me to update it ^_^ there were definitely some block type ideas i had that i had to cut in order to make the deadline. for example i had trouble figuring out how a block that makes its own gravity might work. i also wanted to have growing plants, but water physics were tricky. (actually my first attempt at water gave way to the sand that's in there XD) anyway i'm glad you enjoyed it!

i tried "installing" using the desktop app, which should be just a download, but once it gets to the install step it won't stop displaying "installing", and it keeps trying even if i restart the app. the only way i was able to stop this was by restarting the app and quickly navigating to the installed tab and hitting the x next to "downloading".