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well, i really apologize for not making something enjoyable, will try to do better next time :)

thanks so much man! i wanted to make a highscore system, but i ran out of time :(

well, thanks :D, but you need to survive for 60 seconds to win, it is a really bad idea, and i am really sorry

well, i apologize, sorry for any inconvenience :/

the shooting was originally mouse pos, but i changed it. also, i made this in one night, so there are bound to be bugs, sorry if you didn't enjoy.

nice! 4/5 :)

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well, if you read the beginning, then maybe you would know how it fit the theme.


thanks bro ! i think i should have been a bit better with instructions.

awesome job!

yes i did :(  in the last 18 hours of the jam 

i turned off the mouse cursor, because there is no need to use your mouse in the game

xD, i only wrote my age because from experience, the people are more generous with ratings, as for player feedback, i did make all of this in one night, with little playtesting :/ if you read the beginning, im kind of confused why you did not know what to do in the game, anyways, thanks for the feedback :)

thanks! was not expecting that 😅

thanks :D and yes, Blackthornprod is my idol (: i try for a similar art style, as i am not good at pixel art

yea, sorry for that :/

yep, Noa is my idol :D

thanks dude! really appreciate it

I did not use his exact sprites, i tried to make one that looked like shovel knight 😅

yea, highscore system was on my trello, but i ran outta time :/

lol, yep. Blackthorn is my idol :D

thanks! glad you liked it :)

you are not wrong 😅 i might have gone a bit crazy with bloom...

cool concept!

awesome job dude! overall, 5/5 :)

yep lol. btw, your game was awesome :)

awesome dude! it was a bit too hard for me, but still i really like your unique way of incorporating the theme into your game :) 4/5 overall :D

awesome job! really like the visuals :) i would appreciate if you rated my game as well :D

awesome job! overall, 4/5 ;) i would also appreciate if you rated my game as well.

awesome job! really enjoyed it! overall, 4/5 :)

thank you so much! i might have done to much with post processing    o((⊙﹏⊙))o.

thank you so much man! i really appreciate it :)

thanks for the feedback! it was made in one night, so wasn't feeling all that well :/ but i gladly appreciate the feedback!

 yea, making it all in one night was very stressful 😅

awesome dude! loved the way you incorporated the "trust no one" theme in your game, if you had sounds then it would be 5/5 for sure :)

thanks dude! i enjoyed your game as well :)

nice job man! i really enjoyed playing this :) overall, the mouse sensitivity gave me a headache, but i turned it down in settings, other than that, i think the UI could have been better, but overall, great job!

overall, i think a few improvements would be necessary, and the audio kinda hurts my ears, but, it is also your first game, and i think you did a great job! keep it up man!

i would recommend ecrett music, it makes beats for you :D

overall, 3/5, pretty nice! only thing that bumped down your rating was the music, but other than that, good job!