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Haroer Hak'tak

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If you wrote a more complex algorithm, you could use it in all your games so you always have background music and don't really have to worry about it all that much.

Kinda annoys me lol.

Seems interesting tho, a generative music would be kinda cool if you managed to get this to work.

Oh, okay nice.

I was going to do this 1 hour coding jam, but I quickly came to the conclusion that I'm not good enough! More practice is required!

Also, my idea, I couldn't bring to fruition no matter what I tried.

Feel free to try it:

A sphere, or planet. and things spawn around it and you have to drag them off the planet and they'll fall back to the planet and pop.

Hello there.

So, this seems interesting. I'm going to be entering this competition to see if I can quickly make a game inside of 1 hour.

I like the concept, is the code basically





? I'd imagine as a basics it would be. But I'd be interested to hear your response if this is not the case.