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No problem, it's just Apple being dumb as usual. I'll see if I can track down a controller to try!

It was around the fire wall that you had to walk through - I think I accidentally jumped into a zone to its right that I wasn't supposed to get to.  馃榿

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This is excellent! The models and overall art is fantastic, the concept is solid, and the animations feel really well weighted. I definitely suck at the game and my top score is 2 days, so feel maybe players less experienced in this genre (me) could do with a bit more guidance on how to survive, as following the tutorial only seemed to get me killed more quickly.

Could do with a nicely polished UI and sound effects to go with it, although it's clear to see where you put your time in. Will definitely keep an eye on this one, I'd love to see what you do with it!

- Matthew, MoonSprite

As others have said - really cool art style! I love how weird and wonderful it is, there are some really creepy enemies. Sadly, with my sleek but impractical Apple mouse, I wasn't able to do any of the attacks since I couldn't right click and left click at the same time, so I was limited in what I could play. There were a couple issues of bumping into invisible walls and getting stuck too. But overall, this was a really well thought-out experience, congrats!

- Matthew, MoonSprite

Wow, this was unexpectedly emotional! The art style is pretty unique, I loved(/hated) how the character slowly changed over the course of the week. Made me want to start writing my book again, and also maybe barricade the windows in advance so I'd have time to finish it. The dialogue was really quite deep and hit home.

My only grievance is that my plants died! I went thirsty every day but one for them to live.

- Matthew, MoonSprite

This is a really well put together game: solid concept, fun gameplay, lots of variation and great 3D assets! Really reminds me of Spyro. I'm not sure I 100% understood the lore/story behind why I'm a giant banana collecting lots of meat, but that doesn't really matter with this kind of game.

There were definitely some challenging (*ahem*, ragey) parts, like the rising custard level, which I spent at least 30 mins on trying to get through. Might be worth making some adjustments for all skill levels in bits like this, and then challenging more advanced players with extra collectibles/rewards for more difficult routes. Just a thought!

Overall though, your team has done an amazing job. Congrats!

- Matthew, MoonSprite

Nice idea to make a tower defence game with a twist! The dreamcatcher web definitely makes an interesting base to place the towers and I like that you carried through the theme for all elements (especially the feathers as lives).

It could definitely do with some more visual cues and cleaner UI to help guide the player, as it took me a fair amount of trial and error to work out exactly how to place the towers, and I'm not sure if I fully understood how the upgrades worked by the end. It was still a fun game to play though, nice work!

- Matthew, MoonSprite