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I have a passing familiarity with SABOW but haven't checked it out in depth.  What were your favorite things about its AI?

Yes, there will be plenty of work on the AI.  Right now it's in a very unfinished state and can't intelligently make use of the terrain, hold formations, react to threat intel, etc.   This will all change.

You'll need to download the Patreon demo instead.  Check your welcome email for the link.  It's also in all release notes posts on Patreon.

You'll need to activate the gunner's controls by holding right mouse button.  An indicator should appear showing your mouse input and how it translates into the "stick" motion.  (If it doesn't, you can enable it in the options.)

The initial demo will feature some vehicles from the USSR and West Germany, as well as a few more we haven't added yet for the US and East Germany.  After that, for the full game and expansions - who knows!

The M901 ITV is an unfinished vehicle, only available in the proving grounds (without damage model) for fun.

Yes. You can use the itch app for automatic download (and smaller patch downloads when the game updates).

The voice actor names are in the credits screen.  Some of them are US tankers, and some are professional voice actors.

We'll look into it.  In the meantime, Ctrl+mousewheel should already work for ranging.

Unfortunately, no, those internals are there just so there's something to see if the turret is blown off.  The amount of effort (and therefore time/money) required to make detailed interiors is too much for a small team.  We will likely do some cupola/viewport views in the future, but that's all.

Not yet

You will need to download the Patreon demo, not the public one.  Instructions for this are in your Patreon welcome email as well as every release post on Patreon.

There's not a controls list outside the game at the moment.  You can screenshot the controls list in-game (hold F1 to make it appear) if you want to refer to it later.


We don't know for sure what kind of bonuses we'll be able to offer to patrons when the game comes out. For now, just treat the Patreon subscription as a way to support the development of the game (since we are entirely funded by the community).

Yes, there will be a full game with multiplayer and campaigns.

We don't know yet.

Yes, the game will be paid but will not have pay to win mechanics, grind, or premium vehicles.  You will get access to the full set of content with the single purchase.

Abrams was added on April 1, 2021.

Hello, if you are still having this issue we should be able to help you in the Discord server.  Check the front page of for the link.

Currently TC override is half implemented.  If the AI TC spots a target, you can press the space bar to perform a commander override.  But if the gunner is knocked out, the TC cannot use the gun (yet).

The toggle list on the left side was replaced with the current overlay list a few patches ago.

If you can be more specific about where it failed, I'm sure we can figure out the issue. The downloads are working fine for most users.

We typically do a big update every month and sometimes a small update in between.  The last update was in the middle of May.  The next one will likely be small, with larger ones after that.

Optimization will improve over time. Remember, this is under active early development. Most games you would never play during this phase.

Tutorials don't exist as missions yet, but the main menu of the game has buttons for how to play and how to perform gunnery in each tank.

Try the in-game graphics menu (enter a mission or the proving grounds, press Esc, go to Options).  Lowering vegetation and shadows, and disabling motion blur, are good first steps.  If you try everything in that menu and it doesn't improve things much, you'll have to wait until we have time to do more optimization on the demo.  

If this is just in the main menu, that's a VHS effect.  It won't appear in the actual gameplay.

There's a link in your Patreon welcome email, and also in every release post on  the GHPC Patreon page.

It could also be caused by low PC specs, especially RAM or VRAM.

Make sure you're using a video card that supports DirectX 11.

Use the second tab of the small launcher window

In the Windows demo, you can switch to the second tab in the small launcher window to see and reassign inputs.

Yes.  Interested parties should contact ActionScripter on the GHPC discord server, linked in the game's main menu or the website.

If you use anything that is not the launcher app, it will download the full game every time.  The only way to get small patches is through the launcher.

If you install the game via the itch launcher, it will automatically update with the smallest possible file size for each patch.

The game is open to the public. You can download the demo right here for free.

Yep, we're aware and we'll be improving the sights later on.

AAR mode is meant as a permanent end to the mission, hence *After* Action Review.

Thanks for the comment.  You can rebind the controls in the launcher window (there's another tab for controls instead of Unity's default graphics options).  Also, we have lots more planned for visible crew and infantry - stay tuned!