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That means you have more ammo in reserve racks. Use Alt+1 or Alt+2 to move rounds to the ready rack.

It's too early to tell what our distribution of the final game will look like.

That belongs to one of the mods. I'm told he likes it a lot and can't stop doing the HK slap.

We're working on it!

The models seen in this public demo are not the ones Harry is working on.  Those are only in the Patreon build.  Everything you see in this build here is being replaced or improved.  

Thanks for the kind words!  If you want to help out, check out the GHPC Discord (linked in the footer of or email  

Hey, sorry about the confusion - I hadn't got around to updating the HUD for some of the stuff when I switched over to working on the new build. You can move rounds from reserve racks with Alt+1 and Alt+2, and you can cheat full ammo back with U.  

Thanks for the feedback!  Motion blur can't be disabled in the current build but the next public update will have graphics options.

We'll be looking into adding a Linux version in the future.

We're working on everything, to the point that it doesn't even look like the same game anymore.  Check out the GHPC Discord or to see some teasers.  

Sorry about that!  We had an issue on Discord with old invite links being deleted, and we can no longer update the old build to edit the link.  Try invite code mwY4E4d

Motion blur can certainly be tuned down!  The graphics are very WIP right now, as you might expect.  Check out a preview of what's to come:

Pretty great foundation!  You managed to hit a consistent style/theme even with just a few days' work, and the systems worked perfectly.  This is a solid start to a point-and-click adventure.  Kudos!