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A member registered Mar 20, 2017

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The graphics are great, but the game is unplayable. I've had some limited success resorting to blind fire around corners, but even that doesn't work when getting ambushed trying to go through doors. Please change at least one of the following to make it less annoying:

- enemies have 0 second reaction time

- enemies have perfect aim

- enemies have a lot of health

- the smg takes too long to reload to be useful

- smg clips are short

- health doesn't spawn nearly as often as smg ammo, which I don't use anyway

- there's almost no cover

- dying means starting all over

Some people like grinding, repeating the same level, in order to find the best way through it. I don't like that. And it doesn't even work when the level changes every time you die. Great concept, but as is, it doesn't work.

Adding some features to help me see where I am in the room might be nice, since the chaparone doesn't seem to work in this game.

Adding walkabout locomotion might be nice too.