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There is a version of Gravix on which appears to be a little further along in development than the version on newgrounds (reset button, generally cleaner). However, it credits "11x11" studios (which I think is just Dan Montague, who you worked/are working with on The Minstrel's Fabel) as the only person in the credits. Seemes like you got ripped off? 

Looks interesting, although it crashed whenever I got hit

File "", line 141, in <module>:
NameError: name 'sleep' is not defined

Nice concept, although the ui is a little buggy (multiple menus opened at once, goes behind game elements)

Good game, although it felt a little too easy once you get the hang of it.

Nice, reminds me of the redirection cube from portal. I didn't find the sensitivity to be an issue. You can also launch yourself into the air by dropping a cube facing down, which I am sure was a feature. Make sure you don't reset vertical velocity when you let go of a button though, as it makes you stop falling.

Where are the files, it seems like you may not have permission to do things in that directory?

Nice game, it was really unique!

Solid game, but I feel like it was a little too dependent on luck. I could also would have preferred reversed controls, but that's probably just me.

Did you forget to upload a game?

Very nice. I could definitely see this as a mobile game

Clicking on things adds a turtle to them. Click on the menu to see the amount of turtles (again, very unfinished)

Very cool very cool

Hey, this game is on ( if you didn't give them permission. 

Try pressing w

If you hit space you can switch witch side your magnets attach to.

Yeah that's just the map being drawn horribly. 

Source: tested it on a really bad computer and it ran the same.

Really cool idea! Nice game!

Dope :) 

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Oh BTW my fantasy console 3 entry was made using this! Check it out: :) Each level was made in a minute. Also made a half adder, will post it soon.

Really nice game, love the way the rabbit's face changed with each weapon. Good concept, very addicting ^v^.

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Yo <Insert joke about me posting a lot> I made a glitch level that lets you clip through walls:

Pretty sure it works by letting you move through collectibles, but that makes you clip into a wall. Does make a one way passages though, so leaving it in could be interesting ^v^

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OwO Looks nice! time to make a XOR gate :P

Whoo!! *Claps*

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Whoo, optimized it a ton: . It might be feasible to make a simple adder soon. Just need to make a timer...

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Made some more about defending stuff: 

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WHOO!!! Pix64 is truing complete (It's a computer). Built a NAND gate. It is a 0 when both the inputs are 1, otherwise it is a 1. The ring around the player is a clock input,  Hit it after you've chosen your inputs with the two paddles. Really like this fc ^v^

Thanks :) All feedback is appreciated.

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Thanks ^v^

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I call this one stress: