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Thanks for letting me know about this. Looks like they're knicking assets from OpenGameArt users, such as this one

Thanks for letting me know. I don't know why itch would hide the "Release info > License" option away in the third tab.


Go for it!

I'll most likely return to game making when I have the motivation and energy in the future. For now, I'm focusing on commissions and personal artworks.

Each of the backgrounds in this pack have custom filters I made in GraphicsGale, so there's no custom palette for them. I no longer have the filters, since I made these pixels around 2018. I have other palettes here, but other than NE55, I no longer make color palettes.

Now that I think about it, it doesn't make sense when I added that redistribution thingy. I tried to add that people shouldn't upload these asset packs, as is, to other game asset sites without crediting me, but then that defeats the purpose of public domain.

Since my work is pretty widespread already, I'll remove the redistribution note from the my itch assets here.

Also, there is a LICENSE.txt file in this pack. All my itch packs have this file.

I'm unsure about FPS, since each frame is made to run in milliseconds when I make animation tests in Graphicsgale. Her run frames are at 60 ms each, while her look-around is a mix of 120 and 80 ms.

If I ever get an idea on how to expand this game, for sure. This game was mostly to test my knowledge on understanding GB Studio.

Possibly, if I get the motivation to make a game again, and have an idea on what to make.

They're hand-drawn letter graphics. There's no font file in this pack.

Playing your favorite games for inspiration and learning from pixel art tutorials (I learned from the Pixel Joint and Android Arts pixel art tutorials, but there's plenty of helpful lessons out there).

It will take some time before you find your own artstyle as you're practicing the basics, especially if you aren't big on art.

Inspirations, tutorials, and practicing pixel art should lead you somewhere.

I have no further plans to work on this pack, but there's nothing stopping you from adding your own weapons or attachments!

good monki

You can email me regarding commissions. It is located in my bio on my itch.

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I think you mean miner, someone who mines for ores and such. Sounds like a neat concept, but I'd need way more assets to draw to warrant a pack of some sort, and if it's just one theme, which is mining, it's going to have to be a big worthy one.

You can also just commission me to make you these assets, since I've never been approached to design mining assets yet.

Since OGA packs are older uploads, there are some things I like to add and update in the itch packs, like the added house and overall new color pal.


Yes! That game was the main inspiration for this pack, along with Sega's Monaco GP arcade game.

Go right ahead!

I used GB Studio for the in-game programming and cutscenes, and Affinity Designer + Photo for the graphic design box art.


I just really haven't had the motivation to compile the city assets, and I'm thinkin of making original ones that are different from the ones seen here. I just don't have the time right now for such a huge undertaking. Maybe in the near future!


Made with GB Studio 2.0 beta.

No, it's a webcomic, not an art pack.

This is for anyone and everyone.

I apologize for the vague description. What I'm asking is to not reupload the assets to another distributing asset website without crediting me as the original artist and other similar contexts. You can download and share it with your students no problem.



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You can email me about commissions. My email can be found on my Artstation about page, or my twitter bio.

EDIT: Added my email to my bio here!

Yes, you can edit the artwork.

Princess Sera is 16 x 32, while everyone else is 16 x 16.

I'm available for custom commissioned work, but you'll have to email me about it.

The Enter key.

It's an issue with GB Studio beta 2; it's uncommon, but sometimes the bullet from Alien will just change Barry's sprite, but still be in control. Getting hit by the bullet again solves this small issue. There's also an issue where sometimes trying to stomp an enemy doesn't work.

I will revisit this game in the form of a sequel sometime in the future!

I don't plan on adding the mega city stuff. I do have another tileset planned soon.

They can work with each other, but it isn't mandatory.