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This is for anyone and everyone.

I apologize for the vague description. What I'm asking is to not reupload the assets to another distributing asset website without crediting me as the original artist and other similar contexts. You can download and share it with your students no problem.



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You can email me about commissions. My email can be found on my Artstation about page, or my twitter bio.

EDIT: Added my email to my bio here!

Yes, you can edit the artwork.

Princess Sera is 16 x 32, while everyone else is 16 x 16.

I'm available for custom commissioned work, but you'll have to email me about it.

The Enter key.

It's an issue with GB Studio beta 2; it's uncommon, but sometimes the bullet from Alien will just change Barry's sprite, but still be in control. Getting hit by the bullet again solves this small issue. There's also an issue where sometimes trying to stomp an enemy doesn't work.

I will revisit this game in the form of a sequel sometime in the future!

I don't plan on adding the mega city stuff. I do have another tileset planned soon.

They can work with each other, but it isn't mandatory.

Glad to hear you working on your project again and that my artwork has helped!

You can mention me, no prob.

It seems to be a bug with GB Studio 2 beta, since GB Studio 1 doesn't have the flashing issue. If the issue gets fixed in later updates, I'll reupload a new build of the game.
I could've made it that the text boxes would slide down with every new message shown, but it would take more time, and there's a lot of characters that talk, haha.

You can pause and unpause to reset NPC positions.

Fixed it! Thanks!

Ah yes, sorry about that.

I set it up in a way where the player has to be on the trigger space while also facing up, because I didn't know how to talk to the NPC behind the counter, as they're behind collission.

So no need to press anything, just walk up to that spot while facing upward. I'll add this to the issues section.

I'm using my palette "Nature's Embrace 55".

Great work! Congrats on your first video game, too!

You can just credit me as GrafxKid. Thank you!

Of course you can use them! This has a bit of UI stuff in it.

No prob.

Yes, you can modify him! You can modify my assets freely.

Thank you!

Go right ahead. Just be sure to link to my itch to download my asset packs.

Newer sprites I've done are inspired by the Wario Land and Kirby games :)

No prob.

It's fine! These things happen sometimes.

Thanks! Mario and Kirby are my 2 primary inspirations for pixel characters.

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I'm the original creator, as I also have my sprites available on OpenGameArt, which date back to 2016 -

It's not uncommon for people to use my assets without crediting, as I set them as public domain.

I have one scenery pack planned. And it will be free as well! However, I don't draw as much scenery as characters.