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My Bandcamp can be found here:

I specialize in video game music and have been working hard especially recently to make killer pieces! Please check them out. Also, if you want to contact me privately to discuss a project or something, please do so at

Hope you have a good time <3

Video Game Music (2017)Link

Price: 4$+

Get ready for 10 amazing tracks for you to put in your RPGs and other games!

Video Game Music is a album consisting of various tracks that have been written to sound like what you would hear in a game! Actually, I have been working on my own projects recently and compose the music for them, but have yet to even post a single project online. So the music ends up going nowhere... 

I borrow some elements for my video game-esque music from JRPGs because they certainly are my favorite game genre. So what does that mean? Mixing violins and pianos with drums, utilizing organs, harpsichords, and the electric base to create some thrilling rhythms to go alongside the melodic flutes and violins, and some play with electronic keyboards/instruments, special effects, and even some African percussion! 

Some pieces are meant to be battle pieces, while others are dungeons or the field. Let's have some video game music fun!

NOTICE: If you use the music in your project, please tell me so that I can check it out! I might even play it!! I look forward to seeing your projects with my music in it ;). If you want custom made music for your project, contact me at