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LH4, he can do whatever the heck he wants. You are obviously really young as well-due to calling the dev lazy, the pouty childish sheltered 'Eaawwhhh dat nawt fair!', and the tremendous amount of typos.

GUYS! STOP ASKING FOR BETA KEYS. Read the damn page, "I'm all out of beta keys, sorry everyone. But I updated the demo version to make up for it."


Melee weapons would be appreciated, like knifes and such so if you run out of ammo you can still do something other than die.

Ive NEVER been able to find a sword yet, any tips as to where to find one? (tried loading the game three times and even tried exploring the second level to no avail.)

At least make it so you can grapple them somehow because if I only have a mace and they have multiple weapons I want to be able to grab their arm or something to be able to kill them easier.


Hey, is there any way I can play this with only one vive contoller? At the end of a level it says to raise your HANDS in victory, and I wish I could raise my one and have it be fine, the other controller btw defaults to be on the ground when not on so I cannot progress.