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Hey everybody!

It's been a while since we released our demo, and in the meanwhile, we've been quite busy with the development of Under. First and most foremost, we'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to play our demo. We appreciate all of the feedback and have to admit that our expectations have been exceeded with the response that we've gotten so far! Here are some of the things we've implemented/completed in the meanwhile: 

Completed Full Story for Final Release.  

Over the past few weeks, we've been finalizing the full story for Under, and have been actively tweaking elements based on demo feedback and new inspirations. We've come to the conclusion that the game will take roughly 1h30m-2h to complete, and will be mostly focused on the sinking aspect of the scares, as opposed to an overload of jump-scares. We have decided that the gameplay will include more guidance and interaction with the environment, which was lacking in our demo. 

Research Visit to the RMS Queen Mary 

Roughly two weeks ago, we set foot aboard the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA in order to gain some inspiration and a general understanding of the layout of early 20th century ocean liners. This visit has contributed tremendously in our task to determine which elements of the ship we will be using in our story.  This visit also helped us to determine what certain areas of the ship should look like, and the haunting aspects/myths of the Queen Mary certainly made it useful in cooking up some terrifying ideas. 

Modeling and Gameplay of Lower Decks

Most importantly, we've started the assembly of the lower decks in the story mode, and have worked on the gameplay. We don't want to share to many specifics, at least not until we have gameplay to show you guys. Here are some of the elements we have added/are currently adding:

- Rising water system

- Breakable doors

- Human NPCs

What's Next?

As we are currently working on the lower decks, we will be finishing these and finalizing the gameplay aspects. We will be releasing some short gameplay footage soon, mostly involving the flooding decks and new environments. We will also be launching our official website very soon, so be on the lookout! 

Thanks for sharing your out of bounds experience! Could you perhaps specify which stairs made you bug out of the map and what you did to make that happen? Would really help us with fixing that stuff. 


Here is the link to a Google Drive folder with all the music used in the demo. You can download them from there.


Under is not actually set on the Titanic. It’s set on a ocean liner that is inspired by Titanic era ships. Nonetheless the music is not an in-game element, we went with whispering as we believe it suits the overall game atmosphere. 

Hi, thanks for the feedback! For the game's first person movement behavior we simply used the First Person All-in-one asset and adjusted some of its parameters. It gives a great base for a first person controller and the code is easy to modify. As far as I know it treats the player head-joint as a spring and just calculates the physics behavior of that.  Here is the link to the free asset. 

Hey Everyone!

This is the first appearance of Under on the internet! We've just released our playable demo and will keep updating this page with progress news on the development of our full version. Keep your eyes on this page as we will be announcing our Steam Upcoming page in the near future to allow you guys to wish-list Under and follow us on the Steam platform. 

Any feedback is much appreciated!