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Very cute game overall! Had a lot of fun playing it w/ my partner, voicing all the characters to ourselves and just overall having a good time.
The only thing I'd really point out that I wasn't fond of- 
[for people reading the comments before playing the game, warning-
Spoilers Ahead!]
Ok. The whole papa thing. I know the joke you were trying to make there, but some of the time it got to be wayyy too much, to the point of making both of us a little uncomfortable [especially the whole "continuing to call someone your boyfriend when they strictly see you as a parent" thing. THAT was viscerally uncomfortable]
We would've been able to ignore it, but it kept cropping up, of course, and every time we'd just stop and wince in shared discomfort. 
It's not enough to like, ruin the whole game or whatever, the game itself is still very cute and again, a lot of fun! But that definitely put a damper on things. I know the game itself wouldn't be quite the same WITHOUT the monster referring to DR Frank as his dad, but I feel like there could've been ways to go about it while at LEAST not continuing to refer to the creature as the "boyfriend", you know? 
Anyway! I don't mean this as like, a tirade against your game or whatever, it's still fun and we'll probably play again and get a different ending soon [the ending we got was the one with Sylios, because we remembered the dictionary]. But I guess this is just food for thought? Cute game, appealing visuals, overall good sense of humor, I liked the characterizations a lot, but one or two little things just left a bad taste in my mouth.