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It's cool?

Sorry, i'm have offline before, so today I make

Ok, but give me a moment...

This too long...

Hello Paulo 94, I did the "second version" of the Modified Assembly-CSharp, now I made the bully literally stay in detention when he was caught by the director, but he didn’t take any item from the player when he touched him in detention, he says the audio "aud_Bored" instead of taking the item, I also modified the director, now he catches the player by cutting the playtime string too, and says, "No bullying in the halls"
I don't know if I'm bothering you or unnecessarily sending these posts with improvements or modifications to your game, I hope you will accept using my modifications and credit me, well, I hope I'm not asking for too much.
Modified Assembly-CSharp:

Hey, you can make 32 bits version of the program, please??

Hello Paulo 94, I have good news, I modified the Hard school script, when I did this, I had the idea to make the director instead of being disabled in "MelanieEvent", I made him go to the room, I used PartyEvent to do this, it took four days to find out, but I managed, I will send the modified Assembly-CSharp mediafire link, "I added and removed other things, but pay attention to the director mainly". In fact I hope that this function will be added in other custom maps and in the future ...

Cool :)

Caramba, em Linux? Quantos existem? Só falta dizer que tem para os computadores da 2º Guerra mundial que os soldados usavam kkkkkk

Espera, esse jogo tinha lançado ao Android? Como? Ah, e como você o modificou.

What the is "Bonus Goodie Pack"?

Say I'm PixelBR disguised in this account

I know

Okay, I'll just use GameBanana for Baldi's Basics mod menu, since I need to see it to send my post on

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;-; GRRR


Yes, is BBRMS

True '-'

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PixelBR, but i'm banned

Wait.. your post is for me?

Oh a mod of Baldi's Basics Hard School hehe

thanks '-'

So you can fix the bug? Two errors: The events don't start and the music of school is failed

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edit: Ah, veja meus jogos de Baldi em! Meu nick: GD_creator443

Legal em pt e pra ANDROID?? Pq? Ah vc n tem pc, mas ok DDLC em pt (mesmo se n gosto do jogo kjjkjkkkj) '-'

It's a mod menu ilegal?

Two errors: The events don't start and the music of school is failed


If you look this image, you are gotta very sad

'-' ? C

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OMG, you can follow this rules? Look the FLAGS in your game in Gamebanana, you can know your errors, first, your game is not a Fan Game, is a mod of Paulor's Mod

edit: Look at me to help you, I'll tell you what happened on GameBanana about your "games" (mods) as soon as possible

In GameBanana Website, look the flags and fix

I have Scratch Account, follow me! My nickname: GD_creator443 :)

Look my Baldi's Games

'-' ok

But I need this sound for know if the characters is moving

I'm talking before installing the game, if it has the button that disables jumpscare, if it has thx

Nop, Fasguy don't want make mod menu for full game, don't ask why

I read your description, I am impressed by the number of colleagues on your team, I loved your work, congratulations, it seems that in all years you managed to bring colleagues / friends together to create a series of amazing Baldi's Basics maps, you really know the that is congratulating you.
My suggestion is that I hate SlenderBaldi, he always annoys ksksksks

Wow is fun, i'm like

Please make 32 bits version, is easy

Exist 32 bits version? I'm test...

Is have 32 bits version?