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Hello there! I've worked in the industry for some time, but it's been a while since I haven't jammed ;). Would be happy to help a team/teams with their writing & design process. I do know a bit of basic programming, especially Construct 2 & Game Maker (and also Twine for text games, if that counts).  I'm currently training myself in Javascript. Oh and I'd love to experiment with Voxel more (but I'm a true noob at this) so let me know if you need a hand for anything :) I'd be happy to contribute to any light-hearted, positive, inclusive, cheerful, or comedy game. ('cause my current work is super dark, so something more colorful would be nice :D)

You can poke me on Twitter if needed: @lecrivaillante

Love your drawings as well! I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to commit to this jam, but if you're looking for a writer/narrative designer let me know :)

Hi! WAG Challenge Organizer here. Can you please provide me your email address? Thanks! :)

@Six Down Studios: thanks for all the details and explanation! :)

Hi there! WAG jury here. Could please add some details about the controls of games? Don't know if it's us or what, but dialogues seem to loop and we cannot open the door...! Thanks!

Thanks a lot @Jupiter_Hadley! :)

Really nice idea! The game mechanics are really fun, especially the kiss thing! I was not sure what the benefit of the sleeping song was compared to the other one, so I killed all the zombies :D

I'm not sure how to win though? Maybe I missed something. I picked all the scrolls and did not know where to go next, and when the time ran out, it was over :D

Anyway, very original take on the subject! Bravo!

Hahaha this was fun, and considering the source material, quite accurate ^^ But yeah I had to check the source material to understand the game properly, so as some have said, maybe add some quotes at the beginning at the game, then some other quote when the player fails, could be a nice way to wrap things up ;)

Thanks @KaraJayne! :) What you said about anxiety is really something I had in mind while making the game, I'm glad you saw it ^^

About a longer version? Heh, why not! :) We'll see!

@Norbez: Thanks a lot for taking the time to play my game and write such a detailed review. I'll do my best to answer some of your questions, but I don't want to spoil the experience too much for others -- I'm quite interested in seeing diverse reactions, and it's quite funny to read your reaction then @JKGiih's one, hehe. (and I agree, Doctors are not always reliable! :D)

I'll probably write some post-mortem, but here are a few keys:

- the more you play, the less choices you'll have

- but you can play the scenes in any order you want

- you can even replay some scenes depending on the choices you've made

- it's "freely inspired" by The Double; I mostly focused my game on the "mental disorder" aspect. Mental disorder usually affects memory and interpretation.

That's impressive! There's a Stanley Parable mood I really enjoy :)

Nice! I didn't know about the poem either. The art is very charming and suits your text well. As some have said before, I was also wondering about multiple paths... or maybe something that would make the text react more to the player's input. When I saw several pictures on one page (I think there was a wing, the character's eyes. etc.) I tried to click them. You don't need different ending but maybe different ways to examine or "watch" the humming-bird, leading to the same conclusion in the end, could be a way to expand the experience a bit. ;)

Hi! I've been quite confused by the controls and puzzles (could not get past the one with the Ivy and water). It seems that you can choose things with left/right keys in your menu while choosing dialogues with the up/down keys. Not sure if it's intended? (That's the only way I could pass the fiddle one, I had to choose in the menu bar the door and use it) I don't know what engine you've used but using point and click features here would make things way much easier ^^ Apart from that, I like the fact that you've used Carols; could be nice to have the music related to them ^^ as a non-english speaker, I don't know the tunes and was wondering what they sound like.

Really like the jumping/climbing, and the sound is very good too! Nice job :)

Thanks for your feedback JohansenIndustries! I removed the fullscreen button, you were right, unfortunately the screen is not scrollable for some reason :/ I didn't have the time to check this thing properly.

It's funny!