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Triad Entertainment

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Thanks for the suggestion!

For future suggestions/request/bug reports/etc, please head on over to our official website and register for an account there - there's a nice set of forums on the site, and is checked more frequently than this.


Thank you for the donation, Deacon! The Kickstarter campaign will end in 2 days. After that happens, we'll transfer everyone's items to their accounts. When the server goes down for maintenance on February 2nd, that's when we'll add the donators to the credits.

I definitely appreciate the suggestions! There are already a few bosses currently in the game, and players are able to form guilds and parties for people to join to make their adventures a tad bit easier.

"I love the idea of a more cuthroat, sandbox, risk-reward driven MMO using this engine."

This idea is good, however it just doesn't fit quite right with the roleplay-heavy gamestyle I'm trying to achieve. Of course, there are some elements of a cuthroat, sandbox, risk-reward driven game that could potentially fit into The Underground. But I can't quite go for that statement in it's entirety. I'd definitely love to work with you further on this, if you're interested.

This happens periodically with any mob. It's a minor issue that we've been looking into for a little while, and hope to resolve at some point soon.

I'll definitely take this into consideration, and will likely implement some form of this within the next couple of weeks.

The point of this is...what?

This thread is self-explanatory. If you have a suggestion, a request, or a bug report, you may submit it here.