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This character is wonderful, like a future soldier, thanks!!! I give you 5/5 stars!!!

This game has pornography, Leaf you can delete this proyect!

Thanks very much for these five explosions, Well I hope to have more money for the effects of particles!! And I put you in your credits of my game!!!

I very like the graphics, the game is not for all because it's hard, I try to go to the boss but don't have a save game option, I give you 3/5 stars, I played three times and it's frustrating.

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Hello, first of all the game was really cool with all the stuff!.  Remember to add information to the controls and credits!!. In my opinion  but it's optional you can add a final boss in your style that appears  when someone achieve a highscore for example 100000, because the game is  funny. Tip for game development(art): try to make more ships, more  enemys, more and more, and at the final you pick what you need!. I give  5/5 stars :)

Really good 3d modelling, I enjoy this game, give me a sort of good relax, thanks for this beautiful game!

The game is really funny but is very frustrated because of lack of the save option for example each 5 stages are completed, the music and art is really nice, I enjoy the game but because is really hard now I don't want to play it :(