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Hi, I just finished the demo and I really liked it. Parts of it were very spooky. For example when you enter the house the lack and noise and occasional sounds makes it very scary and I thought you did a very good job with noises throughout the game. I do believe however that at some points in the game you should have a harmless but really noisy object like a bird or tentacle just miss the player so they will always be on edge. I don't know though you guys know better than me. Very good game  i'm excited for the full game!

So as I was trying to catch the bug I was talking about before I ran into another bug that I have not encountered before. Im sorry for the watermark my video editor trial just bailed on me and it's not exporting so I had to use some random video editor. Ill send the video on twitter because apparently Itch doesn't support videos.

Will do!

That would seem better than making a whole new lever tutorial. Good idea.

That would seem better than making a whole new lever tutorial. Good idea.

I think so, It's the one where you crawl into a hole by pressing 'e'. I'm sorry I can't send pictures. So once u crawl into the hole you then appear in a corridor or room with a hole in the ground then you fall in that and then the cavern with water on bottom that u have to cross is where im talking about. If you could somehow send a picture I could point out the specific place because I know in Unity you can run without full screening in developer mode.

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When I get to the cave after i leave the open sky place with the cage I found a bug. When you are in the cave with the water underneath and you do the jump to the second square stone (with the handle things around it) after I go right until where you would expect to continue going around the cube I just keep going right until I am floating in mid air and can control my direction by changing camera angle. It's like their is an invisible wall across the cavern. I will try to attach a video in a moment.


*edit: sorry I can't seem to capture a video of the gameplay.

I think you may want to add somewhere in the tutorial a mention about levers and stuff like that.

OOOhhhhhhh thanks

Does this jump even possible or am I missing something?

Yep looks like it works, thanks! I am interested in game development and have made some incomplete games in the past with lots of bugs. Just for knowledges sake what was causing the avatar to get stuck in that animation and position?


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After I get through the first door I get spawned in the ground and when I jump i get stuck permanently in a crouch like sitting  animation floating in the air.

Thanks, great game btw!