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You should make videos about flab3 where people will see it.

You should Post pics about the game on various social places other than discord

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Please i didn't call your name. be good 

and am not the only one complain about free game. if it's premium game, i will pay straight. So try and zip your mouth

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you should still advertise the game even if its not done, would get more people aware that it actually exists. Mrs "i don't have a username"
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Dear Kouga, Just have brain and writing to you to make flab3 popular. when will the update coming? 
I don't like coming flab 3 empty rooms and you are so proud of flab 3 inactivity.
if you like flab 3 inactivity then stop wasting your money.
Look at gameflare and other site. they aren't aware of flab 3 version and they were expecting flab 3 site multiplayer to work. Count them, they over 100+ people complaining.
and you turn on slow mode in your Discord channel. you did that because they dont want them to swear for you
 before you want to reply me. talk sensible or sell your giant pawpaw
Thank you