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Love this game! the finished product is going to be amazing.

looks like a cool game, with more content and a bigger playerbase it could really turn into something someday.

strange...have yet to get seeds, although it isn't like there is a need for them at current game length, was just curious. thanks!

Sweet, I have been looking for an online MP game like this. something that I noticed while playing this by the way, are the walls supposed to be this flimsy? I think that it is pretty cool, however I can't help but notice how it can be exploited in a way that makes thieves' walljump a bit less unique. I've broken into quite a safes by bashing an npc into an outer wall, which is still absolutely hilarious.

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Seeds?

is the farming module's crafting recipes fully implemented? it does not state that it has no use, like the water storage tank. Also, is there a wiki for this game anywhere? can only find Moon Base Alpha's wiki

I all honesty, as long as this game isn't dead on updates, I would probably throw money at it.