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doruk balcı

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if you scream into the void long enough, void gives you cool glitchy art

i'm not crying you're crying

hahah this video made my day, thanks a lot!

oh i like this, i like this a lot. it felt quite like trying to find the bathroom in a club while completely fucked up.

this is amazing. so simple, relaxed and beautiful. luv it.

hahah thanks a bunch!

i'm not sure if i get what you said but, we needed some kind of feedback to let the player know whether the joke made sense or not. if you could say that's what she said to anything without any feedback it would be more of a toy. which is perfectly fine, just not what we wanted to do.

hahah I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the nice comments!

thanks a lot! working on this gave me a lot to think and i'm happy you enjoyed it.