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Will buyers get Steam key later?

Just saw the Steam store page. :)

Thanks for the info!

Though with one look I could tell the contents weren't about game development either.

A bit disappointing since we don't know their progress, guess I'll just wait until it's released eventually (if it indeed isn't abandoned.)

Will us who own the game here on Itch get Steam key once it's released there?

I asked this but isn't answered yet:

If I buy the game on Itch will I get a Steam key later?

Guess I'll just wait for Steam release (whenever that is.)

If I buy the game on Itch will I get a Steam key later?

If not, I'll just wait for Steam release. (:

Any ETA for Steam release? :)

I think I saw it on the upcoming games section but it's not there anymore.

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Will buyers get a Steam key later?

Waiting for the post for PayPal backers anytime now. (:

Any news about this? Since it's already Fall 2021 and I saw this on the upcoming games on Steam. (:

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Anyone knows the progress of this game?

Went to their patreon to see some kind of updates but the latest post was on Dec '20.

Hopefully it's not abandoned and will be released this year!

(Was going to follow their Twitter but the contents weren't exactly about the game's development...)

Just wanted to ask, if I preorder from itch will I get Steam key later once it's released there as well?

Is there any plans to make a demo? While this intrigues me, it'd be nice if there was a demo especially with that price tag.

Wish you the best with the development!

Can you romance the guys as well?

This looks interesting! Too bad it won't be released on Steam, though. May I ask the reason why Steam rejected it?

Will non-patrons ever have the chance to get the game eventually? Or will it be patron-exclusive only even after all the routes are completed?

While I don't have problems with Patreon-exclusive I'd be bummed if there's no way to obtain the game on itch when it's finished.

May I ask the word count?

This seems interesting but I wanted to estimate how long one playthrough for me since I'm a fast reader.

No worries, I already downloaded them when this was released on Itch. (:

Thank you for the clarification!

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I just redeemed the key and saw that I only got the standard edition, while on Itch I got the deluxe edition. Is this intended? I don't have a problem with that, just a bit surprised I didn't get the coloring book and soundtrack on Steam as well.

I wholeheartedly agree. The only reason I've been holding back from getting the side story is because there's no certainty (or estimation) on when the main game is released.

I really want to support the devs but getting only the side story before the main game just doesn't sit well with me. Not to mention there's no update in the last 1.5years.

Still hopeful this will be released though.

Will they be released at the same time or separately?

Yep, you will be able to romance Baxter and Derek later once the DLCs are released (AFAIK they will be cheaper since there are only 5 moments for each character.)

Thank you so much for the hints! I managed to get them, finally! ^^

Thankfully I still have the saves for that particular scene(s). Since Cove seemed so upset whenever I started to tell him about the $$ I just decided not to tell him after all. ^^;;

Thank you again for your help! :)

Can anyone give some hints on how to get CGs for Step 1-3 and 2-3? I just finished my 2nd playthrough but still didn't get them (though I chose almost the same options, lol.)

I'd appreciate as little spoiler as possible, thanks in advance. :)

Will this still be released on June 5th on Steam?

Was going to buy this but there was no option to buy with card. :c

Is there any plan to support buying with cards in the future?

Are those that already have the version entitled to Steam key? And if they got it from the Justice bundle? Thanks. :)

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Thank you for the info! Is there a chance to get a Steam key later if I buy it on itch? If yes I might just cave in and buy it here soon. :>

My bad for not reading the description properly. >_< Will definitely get this here once I load up my PayPal. <3

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Congrats on the release!

The art looks very pretty and the UI is quite neat! While I'm not really into BxG VNs (and there is only one LI) I might get this either on Steam or itch when it's on sale (money's quite tight right now. ^^;)

I wish you guys success cause the game looks really interesting!

So I maybe late to the party but does anyone know all LIs' real character inspiration?

To me, it seems like this:

  • Toshiyuki: Kinda reminds me of Sakuma from Hadaka Shitsuji
  • Toru: Akashi Seijuurou from KnB?
  • Shiba: he seems familiar to me tho I couldn't really remember which character(s)
  • Shuu: Haruka Nanase from Free?
  • Hikaru: Yuuki Shinomiya from Tokyo Xanadu. Their tsundere-ness also match!
  • Kaede: ???
  • Kei: ???

Would love to hear other people's inputs on this one. :3

Pretty much, yes, tho I wouldn't use the word 'install', since you basically download the (new) file and unzip it then run the exe file to play it.

You can delete the old (ch.4) folder after that and as long as you still have the old save files you can continue from there (ideally if you save before the end of ch.4.)

Will there be announcement here on itch or Steam once it's available? I don't mind using Patreon but only if it's readily available.

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Did you guys also change the engine from RenPy to Unity like in Errant Kingdom?

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Really love the CG! ^^

Any info on what the early access price will be? So I can save up and load my PayPal in advance. :)

Can't wait until the 18th! ❤

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The dev is more active on her tumblr here. Her last post was on Nov 15 saying she was still both writing and coding chapter 4 (which is a lot compared to the previous chapters.)

I do hope the chapter will be out soon, I have other games waiting to be played but I wanted to play this game first no matter what. >.<

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Is Theo the only one romance-able?

I remember playing the demo and really enjoyed it. Will definitely get this soon. :)

*Also, will the future DLC costs extra?

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Good to know I'm not the only one having this problem.

You might want to try what the devs suggested, may not be the best solution but the game runs a little bit smoother now (at least for me.)

Still waiting for other possible (better) solutions.

Actually I got it on Steam (which is why I posted here since you seem more active here.)

I tried playing it outside the Steam launcher by running the exe file, and the delays are not as bad (though they are still there.) Hopefully the achievements will sync later.

Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Since the Steam forum is basically abandoned, I had to come here to ask.

Anyone experiencing delays between the lines? It happens randomly, even after left-clicking or using the spacebar the lines just stay still for a few minutes, then continue as usual. Also happens during the point-and-click mode.

Not sure what caused this since it still happens even when I use the lowest settings available. I love this game, but this bug(?) definitely lowers the enjoyment when I play the game.

Will the other routes be released as other games separately or just as updates? Since I'd rather wait until all the routes are available. :)