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Have bought it and can't wait to see all the kinky-ness~! ❤️

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Steam release when? :"(

(If only Itch uses regional pricing like Steam I would've bought this as soon as it was released.)

edit: lol the downvotes bot tho :")

Just a heads up, I just received my Steam key through the download page. :)

Anyone who hasn't received theirs, I suggest to look at the download page again in case it's now available.

G2g finally playing this on Steam! ❤️

Will do!

May I ask the number of LIs in precise? How many uses she/her, how many uses he/him, and how many uses they/them ?

Sorry for the question!

No worries, that's totally understandable! I will wait for Steam release instead, then, since I will definitely get this anyway. :)

Thank you for being transparent and best of luck with the development! ❤️

Will buyers get Steam key later when it's released there?

I'm interested in preordering but only if it comes with Steam key. Thanks.

Will you release the game on Steam?

If not that's alright, I'll still get this. XD Just curious~

Will you release the EA version on Steam as well?

If not, will buyers get Steam key later when it's released there?

I wanted to support the devs and all but I prefer to have it on Steam platform. Wish the best of luck to you guys! <3

I have sent an email to Support about this problem since 10 days ago but still got no replies. :(

Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Still no further information about this? :(

Sadly I also have the same problem. :( Still waiting for my key.

Will buyers get Steam key?

Seconding this!

Please and thank you! ❤️

Hopefully it'll come out at the same time on Steam!

Have been sitting on my wishlist for too long! ❤️

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Obviously she's prioritising the better platform that gives her more benefits. Y'know, the one that gives her monthly stipend. *wink wink*

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You either can't read or don't understand what you read.

Since I'm not keen on saying the same thing over and over again, here's a thought:

Eva Kiss shouldn't have put the game ON FULL PRICE on ITCH.IO if she couldn't be bothered to POST UPDATES for PEOPLE WHO HAVE PAID IN FULL.

No one would be asking for updates like this if she had just stayed on  Patreon and just publish the game later when it's completed.

I hope your brain can compehend the short description above, but if you still think the people that have bought on are assholes then I honestly don't know what will make you understand.

Bold of you to assume it's gonna be completed by then (or that itch build will ever be updated.)

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I hear you. I was totally ready to buy the game on itch (I hadn't checked on the development since I was a Patron on '21) so imagine my disappointment seeing how she basically just abandoned this project here.

Like, people have already paid in full but she obviously prioritises the Patrons who pay every month, with the excuse of not understanding how to update the files.

Did she even ask other people for help? Or did she just goes like 'Oh well I can't do it, too bad, f*ck it'?

If she keeps this up I'm sure sooner or later she will be on people's list of 'shady devs to avoid.' Hopefully she rethinks her decision and comes back to clean her mess here.

ADD: I messaged her on Patreon since like 4/5 days ago but no reply despite her posting a new Patreon post. FIGURES.

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If she had common sense then the least she could do is spare 5 minutes of her time to post an update - it doesn't have to include updating the game, just a quick 'I'm doing this and that' is enough. But this? Radio silent for more than a year? I don't like accusing people of bad things, but it seems like she doesn't really care about her supporters.

I know she's busy and all but if she doesn't even want to inform people who have paid FULL money for INCOMPLETE game then she's not cool in my eyes. Period.

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Lol people who downvoted my comments definitely whiteknighting here. Smh.

Either they are ignorant or simply think this kind of practice is okay. Newsflash, it's not.

People who have bought the game here have as much right as Patrons to get updates from the developer. Her 'disappearing' for more than a year is not a good look on her portfolio. I'm sure some people have begin to regret their decision to buy the (incomplete) game and probably even decided to stop supporting Eva Kiss altogether.

I expect some more downvotes on this post as well. Oh well, I'm simply pointing out the obvious.

I don't have tumblr so I am leaving a comment here. :)

And you can just reply to this comment if I do win (I check almost daily.)

Please tell me this game will still have adult content despite itch's newest policy T_T

I love Iri so much I'm willing to pay full price in advance just so I can help the development even just a bit T_T (I know you have Patreon but I prefer early access on itch/Steam so I am guaranteed to have the full game once it's released.)

That all aside, you really have talent with words, the characters and plot are all interesting and just leave wanting for more. T_T

Wish you the best with the development! ❤️

Thank you for the clarification!

Will definitely get this sometime in May. :)

Does this mean if I buy the game now I will not get the uncensored version?

While I haven't bought the game yet, I have wasted $6.5 for Patreon, thinking the devs would not pull this 'disappearing' act.

And you can see the game was updated 2 days ago, yet she is still radio silent about the development.

It's such a waste of potentially great game.

Still no updates after a year? Not even a 'I'm sorry pls wait a little longer I'm currently *doing this and that*'?

This is disappointing. :((

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I should've screenshotted your original reply stating we could keep the game in our library by donating.

This is starting to get fishy by the minute, please don't turn out to be one of shady devs that I avoid supporting.

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Wow, so you chose to edit your reply instead of replying to my question?

I still want to know how to keep the game in the library by donating, would be nice if you could reply directly.

Is this game abandoned?

Is there a minimum amount to donate to be able to keep this in our library?

Like say $5? (the original price)

If yes, then I'll just wait until it's on sale instead.

Is this game abandoned?

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Is there any info about when Ch.10 is posted here?

I am currently holding back from buying since I have played until ch.8 when I was a Patron.

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Is there a way for me to get Steam key instead when I have preordered from itch?

I preordered around Nov '21 and at the time I was under the impression you could choose between Steam key or Itch key if you preordered from itch.

I'm fine with not getting Itch version if that means I can get Steam key instead.

Thank you in advance and so sorry for the trouble.

Will those who own this on itch get Steam key once it's released?

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I asked on Steam forum and it's not answered yet so I figured I'd just ask here (since I'm planning on buying this during winter sale.)

Is the LI's pronoun fixed? Or can we choose between he/she/they?


- Partially voiced by our original cast (limited to character names + reactionary noises)

It's written right there.

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It's October now! Can't wait for the release! ♥️

EDIT: Somehow I wasn't surprised with the delay, lol. Hopefully this will be the last one. 🤞🏻

Will this be on Steam as well? I really hope yes cause it looks very interesting. (: