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Bravo !

Thank you man ! Maybe one day I'll finish this !

No problem at all man ! I hadn't that much time to dedicate I'm putting my main game , no god for us , out on steam .

this is all I get

I can't move the charachter at all :/ I tryed every button on the keyboard

I got the shining references ;) !

I don't know but I can't play at all !

I wish this was longer !

Sorry man but I got really pissed pressing more than 2000 times the spacebar !


I would have loved some music on this !

Damn this was really good ! I really liked the music and the story ! There are some collision issues thoo but I really liked it !


Created a new topic I'm running out of time !

I've been camping and all I did on my lap top was a raindrop !'-_-

I'm still at 0 ! T.T

Posted in Oh a small jam!

Paint the world with the colors of your mind ;) !

Nice to hear that ;) it means I did smth well !

One day I'll put my head in again and add more puzzles and fine the mechanics ! Thank you !

Thank you man ! Actually I could make better for the "mirroring things" ! But isometric is really easy , you can watch this tutorial I wish I had this befor I was making my game -_- ! Btw one day I'll fix the movements on the puzzles at all and add some new puzzles too :) ! Keep doing games !

Unfortunatelly guys the game is far away from being finished or buggless ! :( sorry ! Thank you for playing !

press r to reset , unfortunately the game is littlee bit  buggy :/

Jupiter_Hadley Thank you very much !

seems interesting , but I have problems with controls i don't know if you chosed that the controlls would be this wierd or not , but to me they are Q for left , D for right , S for down and Z for up o.O

I liked the idea of this game ! I wanted play 4 levels at least XD !

I'm lazy and i don't wanto to read -_-

nice thi idea to switch the charachters but ... I thing that killing ghosts with the knif most of the time's doesn't work and you die ! So in my opinion you should add something like a life bar

nice idea but horrible controls !

This was very creative but the game is just tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwww ! The fact that the text appears so slow is just annoying ! The transitions from one and other / diary .... It would be much better if it was faster !

This was really good !

the final boss keeps killing me T_T . Really creative

Played it and ...mhm.... I got enough of Harambe , The level wasn't bad and it was hard (I didn't completed it becouse i keep dueing

I hust get a usless torch on this game nothing more !

Nice idea , just not well equilibrated !

I still didn't understand how to play it ! :(

TTKOZ Thank you ! I'm still working on it ! Soon I'll put a new version !

Original , make you imagine things but very hard to play for me !

Yeahhh I won by defoult !

I'm stucked in the first level :/ !

I think i'm not good in this game !