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I was trying to upload an updated version, but it wouldn't let me, so the file could't be read

EDIT: Ill put the updated file on in two hours, after voting is over

I forgot to show this in the desc. (i think i did) you can press r to reset

:) got all four boxes

I love how you managed to mix puzzles with fast-paced, nerve wracking games! Amazing game, I would love to see an expansion pack with more levels!

No, Im pretty sure its all the same person, just with different updates

Can i suggest that the goose try to stop you from stopping it in the task manager

The machine gun and the rope guns are extremely broken and OP, but besides that, its a good game. Wouldnt play all day, but its good for when you need to just do something fast. Maybe add more guns, powerups, enemys

Nope, its free to join, the cartridge submission isnt required (i didnt)

I never submitted a cartridge, but Im making a game. Go ahead,  make a game even if you never submitted a cartridge!

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Im not good with composing music, so I can definitely get help. My Discord is EpicRaisin#1626

I just hope no one takes mine, gotta work fast on it!

the first time i played it i beat it without rage quitting