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Hey awesome game devs. I made commentary video!


First I had very poor expectation. Then it turned my mind 180 degree. 

Things I liked:

  • The imprecise splashing shooting really felt organic
  • The overall color palette
  • Music
  • Gun sound effect was perfect
  • I'm just crazy about camera shake effect
  • Camera control was elegant
  • Character art was great

Things I disliked:

  • Psych! there is nothing!
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As for the mere demo this was fantastic. 

Hey there, due to busy schedules as a university student I couldn't reply in short. Please if you have soundcloud account consider hit the like button and follow to support the music producer himself.

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Every drop of water is part of the ocean

Each grass is the part of the land

Even a dust is the part of the terrain

I'm rolling forward, to the horizon

I'm crawling upward, to the sky

One day the little stone shall become the shining star!

Thank you for waiting. I just downloaded them from Youtube. You can find out all the names in the credits scene. Click and drag the scroll area repeatedly until you hit the last level here will be a button which has text on it saying "click here when you won all levels". Thank you for playing. 

Hello everyone? If you haven't tried out this game please check out! It'll take 5 or 6 minutes, not meant to be waste of time. And if you enjoyed my game I want to ask if you want the "sequel" of the game. I learned much from my first game so If you want me to do I will add more features and indeed new mechanics.

Thanks for helping, I'm super newbie here

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Forgive me for posting another garbage like announcement, but thank you for 2 download of my first game Adventure Bounce, I expected 0 or 1. Most of the unprofessional indie game developers don't like mobile platform because it's extremely weak. However there also are some people have stronger mobile phones. I apologize I've never tested it on mobile device because I don't have phone myself. But I hope it will work on at least samsung galaxy s4 or stronger phone. So please, play, enjoy and share!

Hello people around the world? Show my very first game a little love please!