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This could be an amazing game! I love the idea that anything can kill you at any time and the aesthetics are amazing. The randomization is really cool too! I couldnt get very far in the game though. I have a few suggestions

I would love to be able to read the papers lying around easier while constantly moving to avoid death. Maybe a button to not look at it?

I feel like more audio cues for NPCs/Events would make the game a tad more forgiving, and could give you opportunity to add more panic anxiety, or even chaos to the game. For example, currently the acid rain is silent.

Perhaps some future NPCs/Events/Items could be "unlocked" with survival time? Unlocking exploration mode this way feels pretty good (although 30 seconds is easy lol)

An option menu would be nice. I would like to change some controls (and possibly some graphic options? because my laptop is bad o.o )