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Its because there are definitely a lot of things this game needs to get rid of and add to the game. Also, it seems that the game is more focused on making new things like maps instead but they really are. The game is just low funded and its difficult to fix things expectantly sense its 2D

IKR when you spawn in 50 players are already in the game

Bro the img is cropped so you cant even see the whole thing 

o i found a new gun CZ- something but its like a scar with more bullets but with yellow  ammo

then where are the other 3 ;-;

They do have private games

Snowballs r ass xD

Idk if it was from the snowball or not but when i threw a snowball at a guy his skin fell off idk if he did it or the snowballs can do that

TBH sense they added a South America server Ive been sooo laggy. and that was about 2-3 month ago

I actually think that is  a great idea. Some people hate it when other think of good ideas and they didnt

I got a 15x scope in the beginning of the game and you can see 3 1/2 north and south and you can see 5 blocks east and west. to scale most bullets disappear at around 4 blocks


I think it is the worst tbh

Whats you acc name? and why u have 2 different users

a turret ;-;


Elloo m8

So I was playing and my map glitched out and it showed the wrong map... when i was on the grass it showed me in the water

So it does lol didnt read that xD

Plus this is a 2D idle game not a console game. But there is a game called and it is resembles Fortnite much better

I dont think they will make one sense they just came out with the new mode

Im not 100% sure if it was 38 but it was something over 30. it was out before they decided to change the map

Did you remember the 38x scope it was in the game for a week or so but I had gotten it once but died right away, never got to see the range but I bet it was op af

bc people  dont know if you have a gun or not, one time I saw a guy with no gun out and decided not to shoot at him and get a crate and he pulled out a gun and killed me.

tbh I am better with the double barrel 

I know that a helmet only helps some times it has a percentage of when it will help you and when it wont but the armor will protect you 100% the only thing i can figure is maybe he hit you will all 8 shots and you only hit him with say 5 so he did more damnage

The only  mode they had sense i started playing was where flair guns spawned more frequently so their would be loads of airdrops, it was only up for 2-3 days tho

They have made different modes but they are  only up for a short time 

Do you mean like a death match? If you do mean something like that it wouldnt work cause if there are 5 people left it would be almost impossible to find people.

This is the only good one based off of pubg most d shooter games are based of of fortnite now

i assumed double click ment left click not  right click lol

Figured it out you righ5t click and click c you dont have to double click

Gae t wont work for me ;-;

Wait do you double click your mouse or no?

Lol i always wondered how to do that

makes more sense lol i agree with you, although i have ever been killed by teamers once in solos 

In what mode solo, or in all 3?

I keep having a glitch where when i click it doesn't punch/shoot when i click after awhile, let me know if this is just me or if anyone else is having this problem. Thx

That was a joke xD

This is the type of kid who has never won a game and  says the game is trash just bc they're garbage