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Do you mean like a death match? If you do mean something like that it wouldnt work cause if there are 5 people left it would be almost impossible to find people.

This is the only good one based off of pubg most d shooter games are based of of fortnite now

i assumed double click ment left click not  right click lol

Figured it out you righ5t click and click c you dont have to double click

Gae t wont work for me ;-;

Wait do you double click your mouse or no?

Lol i always wondered how to do that

makes more sense lol i agree with you, although i have ever been killed by teamers once in solos 

In what mode solo, or in all 3?

I keep having a glitch where when i click it doesn't punch/shoot when i click after awhile, let me know if this is just me or if anyone else is having this problem. Thx

That was a joke xD

This is the type of kid who has never won a game and  says the game is trash just bc they're garbage 

I've figured it out when you go to log in click Alt and F4 at the same time and it works. It only works for google though.

Am I the only person having problems logging in? Whenever I click to login all i get is a white screen and nothing appears. Plz let me know if you know anyway to fix this problem. Thank you.