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I really just want to say that I played a little bit ago, didn't have an account at the time but I have on now (cause it's soooo much easier to find games and watch for updates this way) and I loved your game. (The rest is just me adding to the discussion I read from earlier comments.)

I noticed others mentioned something about running from battle, and they're right the battles can get tedious but how about instead of running from battle with a skill the skill triggers a sex scene and consume all LP (requiring 50+ to use or some such) but has some sort of detrimental effect, if combined with the other idea I saw where too high lp becomes detrimental it could actually lower maximum LP for a certain amount of time, making it easier to hit that limit while reducing the amount you have to use. It'd be kinda cool to see a game where even your ability to flee from combat has to actually be thought about rather than just spamming it. Also it's something perhaps eh I don't know if its cliche or not but it'd be cool to see some kind of persistent effect if you run into tentacle traps too many times, like persistent tentacles that might distract in combat but might allow some sort of benefit at the same time.

Just throwing out ideas here feel free to ignore and all ^_^ Your game is awesome even in alpha state and I can't wait to see what else happens in this!