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I updated to 1.4 and it seems to be fixed. No crashes, full plugin windows usable without cuts.

I'm running Ableton 10 on Windows 10. I work on a 55 inch 4k monitor. In my windows settings I run 1440p with  150% scaling. When I open Nimble my whole screen gets filled with a blank screen, with part of the actual plugin being displayed very small and cut off.  It is no option to turn scaling off as working on such a big screen makes reading at 100% impossible. When Nimble runs on this setup my daw will crash after a few minutes. Fabfilter, Ozone and the majority of other VST3's I use don't have this problem. (frankly, only Nimble appears to be broken). 

When I give it a go on my 2nd monitor (27inch, 1080p, no scaling) there is no problem. thus it appears to be due to scaling.

I read on some forums that it has something to do with scaling and the program Nimble is build with. I hope this issue can be looked into as I use Nimble Kick to pitch my kicks and whatnot.