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when i try to pay with pay pal it says the transaction failed for some reason? lol idk if youd know anything but im at a loss on what to do bc it only seems to be doing it to this game

yess everything looks so good so far ! keep up the good work and good luck <3 

dv;s,dmf i was gonna donate to buy the golden circus but i dont have paypal im !! im gonna convince my brother to help me make one tho bc i lovee lilie and aldrich sm 

so ik i fell for Casimir but then i ended up loving Arantis with all my heart BUT GODAMMIT I LOVE XANDER SM !!! he just loved MC with all this heart and he was so good and pure and i just wanted to hug him all over ughhh

every good ending with the other three made me sob omg i was crying so hard i couldnt stop so i went with the normal ending for them too so i didnt pass out

ALSO ! i tried to donate but i dont have paypal so i like damn :,) def would give u some bc this game is one of the better ones ive played in a while the plot is waaaaay better than a lot of the ones you have to pay for 

good luck on your future ones man <3 

ahhh good luck with everything man ! definitely rooting for you in all this and super excited for more ! 

HOLY GOD IM SO !!!!!!!

i cant even put into words the way this made me feel

like im rolling on my bed and hollering at the end BC THAT PLOT TWIST !! the whole plot to this is soo good and im completely looking forward to the whole release. bc damn!! im so excited 

all of my screaming aside, there's grammar mistakes and misspellings, but a simple run through will fix those. the art's neat and simple, whoever the artist is has a lot of potential and i look forward to seeing their art style grow. 


my sister had to tell me to shut up i was so loud 

also can i just say "Aria" is best girl??? actual fave (also Casimir ;))

anway im totally looking forward to the rest of this game and wish you the best with it <3 (u got yourself a very happy supporter in ur future works and anything else) 

Ahhh omg that sounds so rude when I reread what I typed up. I actually really like the style now, like it grew on me and I'm glad it looks different from the rest bc that definitely catches the eye and when I see it I'm like "oh ik where that's from" I'm so sorry it came off so... rude lol, that definitely wasn't my intention. 

1. Are you enjoying Neil's route, do you still like him/hate him?

ugH i stg my feelings are so mixed for him but i think i love Neil lmao 

2. How many fierce and kind points did you score for Neil?

i got zero kind points rip 

3. How long did it take you to finish Neil's first 20 chapters?

like??? three hours??? im not sure i lost count 

4. What are your thoughts on Dimitri?


like u couldnt get any more cinnamon bun than him and i love !! # 1 best boy in game 

5. How long did it take you to finish Dimitri's first 3 chapters?

idk i think 20-30 minutes, i lost track again 

6. Who's your favourite guy out of Neil and Dimitri?

:))) my answers pretty obvious 

7. What's your favourite CG?

i still really like the counter CG with Neil but dAMN Dimitri's CG at the Cat Cafe i was like my baby 

8. What's your favourite chapter or scene?

the cooking one with Dimitri was so good and wholesome i was in tears my precious babe

9. Which part made you actually feel happy/angry/flustered?

ok so i went and straight up asked Dimitri if he wanted to live with me BUT lmao it was so straightforward i was like man o man 

and when Neil was trying to keep MC away without acknowledging her feelings i was so mad like can you sit down and think about this 

10. What did you like more, creating clothes, dressing up the avatar, or reading the story?

i liked them all in their own right but reading the story is fave part rn 

11. Even though Neil and Dimitri are the only two available options right now, who else are you interested in?

CAIN ! im weak for red heads with a secretly shy personalities and just looking at him has me weak in the knees 

12. Overall comments about the game? Art? Writing? You name it!



at first i didnt wanna play this game bc i was more into "anime" art styles ig?? but it looked super good and i was like okay well might as well try man AND GOD BLESS AM I GLAD I DID the writing is so good and the characters especially are !! so !! realistic !! like they have such real emotions and their own clumsiness and their flaws and it's so !! i cant even put into words how much i love it and how much i appreciate the effort you put into it. anyway hope you have a wonderful june and meet some cute puppies <3 

1. Are you enjoying Neil's route, do you still like him/hate him?

UGH! my feelings for Neil are so conflicted. on one hand im like this my baby but on the other im like ur a grown MAN get it together sneety.... gotta love him tho lmao 

2. What are your thoughts on Dimitri's first two chapters? Do you want to read more?

im mclovin dimitri! i'm excited to see how you'll write it too, since you're pretty good at it, and change my mind from him feeling like a younger brother. MC looks like she sees him as one too but idk how Dimitri's seeing her ... ;) also when they first met and the bathroom incident were funny and the whole birthday cake was full of good feels.

3. Who's your favourite guy out of Neil and Dimitri? Or perhaps Alex?

oh no... ugh, i gotta say Dimitri. love Neil and all his flaws but my sweet bb comes first. 

4. What's your favourite CG?

lol that one where MC and Neil get a lil heated in MC's shop 

5. What's your favourite chapter or scene?

I LOVE LOVE LOVED DIMITRI'S FIRST TWO CHAPTERS. he was such a sweet lil puddin' but the chap where Neil's like "i think we should stop talking to each other" i was like BOI but i really liked it 

6. Which part was the most romantic to you?

the part where MC goes over to Neil's house and theyre on the couch it was so DOMESTIC and cute and i was happy for my babies

7. Out of all of the side characters, is there anyone you would want as a date option?

lolcertaincousins idk 
8. Did you at any point get stuck on a loading screen? 

i didnt get stuck anywhere 
9. Were you able to create clothing using the “Design” button? 

i was ! 
10. Did you encounter any bugs while designing? 

i didnt ! 

11. Were you able to dress up your avatar using the “Outfit” button? 


12. Was everything easy to use, or were the menus too complicated?

i didnt think anything was complicated plus you gave us instructions on how to use everything 

13. What did you like more, creating clothes, dressing up the avatar, or reading the story?

ok, honestly, i really liked all three aspects a lot. designing clothes was super fun and getting them on the MC was even more fun. the stories are great so far as well. 

14. Most importantly, did you enjoy the game? :D

yes, i definitely did! 

woooahh !! i never thought her eyes were creepy, they're color is so pretty i stg ur shading of eyes is A1, but now that i see the smaller ones it looks a lot more proportional. it made her face look rounder and her nose and lips look like they suit it better now too. i like the change a lot, Marina looks super duper cute.

1. Did you enjoy it overall?

OMG YES!! I usually don't like playing as more uptight girls like Lilie, but turns out I loved her! Also, Aldrich is precious asf.

2. What was your favorite part?

Idk why but I really liked when Lilie (SPOILER FOR ANYONE WHO HASNT PLAYED YET!) finds Aldrich about to kill himself because of the noble lady and everything that goes down from there.

3. There are a lot of comedic moments, but was the drama included in a way that was able to put the comedy aside, or did it just seem an odd jump from comedy?

You could tell when parts were meant to be funny and when parts where meant to be funny and it didn't come off as jumpy at all.

4. Who is your favorite character?

ALDRICHHH I love that precious lil boi but i'm also curious about Lucy and Santana

5. Who did you start to romance? Did you find it difficult romancing the person you wanted?

I didn't really have anyone in mind tbh but I ended up getting with Aldrich (at least I think by the way him and Lilie acted towards each other.. It seemed like he had a lil crush on her) and I love them together !! it wasn't super hard to romance them at all and their interactions were 11/10 sweet

Did you like the added sound bites for Neil, the sighs and grunts? Or would you prefer to do without?

YES, like they were really cute tbh

  • Do you think the backgrounds are interesting enough?
  • I don't usually notice backgrounds but I did like these a lot !
  • Would you prefer an actual drawn portrait sprite for the grandma?
  • I loved the grandma she was so sweet buuuut it doesn't really bother me to not have a sprite for her
  • How long did it take you to complete chapters 1 through 12?
  • like an hour or two?
  • How many fierce points and kind points did you score at the end?
  • I scored 14 fierce points and 4 kind lmao I wasn't super nice


    • Were you initially fooled during chapter 12, thinking it was Neil?
    I THOUGHT IT WAS HIM AND I WAS LIKE????? how does he not recognize me
    • Did it become obvious the black haired man was Neil instead?
    i remember reading about Neil having a cousin he adores and so when the drunk girl came over telling me to meet her cousin and it wasn't Neil (or i thought it wasn't) i was like is the black haired guy Neil's brother??? BUT after we find out the other purple haired guy isn't Neil i was like omg it's the other dude
    • Do you like or hate Neil's new sprite?
    I LOVE IT!! he's hair is so cute i cry
    • Did you spot the falling star?
    nope lol
    • Did you like the CGs and which one was your favourite?
    i loved the cgs and HONESTLYYY where MC fell on top of him is my fave i loved teasing the poor kiddo
    • Did the second CG properly display your selected hair colour and skin tone?
    yep it did!
    • Did your opinion of Neil change? Do you like him more now, or hate him even more?
    mmm, i'm kinda mixed. i wanted to slap at first but started liking him the more i saw him as his awkward self but then he's kissing the MC without telling her who he is and i'm like ?? but he's gotta have a good reason.. like's he's not a terrible dude.
    • Do you want to know what happens next?
    YES YES YES i gotta know why Neil did what he did... Also i feel pretty bad for slapping him now lol

    yes tysm it worked !

    i might have done something wrong but it says I need to open an app or something to play? there was no file to be unzipped?