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Oh, brilliant. I should have had the gumption to look for a Bitsy server on Discord! Thank you!

Yea I can't wrap my head around that hack. I need a step by step guide.. BUT I did figure a kind of work around that I posted after I asked you.  It's here - It isn't pretty.  But it kind of works..

So, I kind of figured out a work around. It is not very elegant . But it works. I made a game and set up a devlog to illustrate how I set up a simple key and door scenario. The post is here for anyone who may need it -  I have no doubt there is a simper way to achieve the same goal. But sharing in case it is of use!

Did you figure this out Scotty? I am trying to do something similar.

Or actually, if there is another way to use an inventory item to unlock access to a room?

Apologies for this. I've just started my first game and I wanted to have a puzzle where you have to pick up a key to then open a door.  I'm trying to wrap my head around applying the exit from dialogue script. It says to paste it into a new script tag after the Bitsy source code.  But.. this is already throwing me. I tried using Borksy to no avail. 

I've looked but can't find a walkthrough, I'm so new to this process I'm a bit lost. 

I'd be REALLY grateful if someone could explain in simple terms how to apply this script!