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Praise the Capybara!

Slow, boring, and an absolute waste of time.

Fantastic! looking forward to when the full thing will be released! 

10/10 worth your time                                                                                   (and later, most likely worth your money if they sell it at a later date)


D'ya get to kiss any cute dudes in this?

Node Ninja: Blindly hope that you know where the ball is coming from and pray that you will be able to hit them.

Hoops: Playable if you have enough space, but you have to throw it pretty hard (be really careful)

Hit The Bottles: Not my thing, and pretty hard too.

Rating: Pretty difficult and slightly annoying at the moment, but i'm sure any updates (if there will be updates) would fix it up and have it ready and more enjoyable overall.

I'm not good at actual number scores, but i'd say it's a 4-6/10 at the moment.

playable, but has its issues.

Transformation story (with no consent)

It's uncomfortable at worst, and just kinda odd at best? this isn't really my thing but if you're into this stuff... have at it! I suppose.

Shhh... Spoilers

Yeah, the only problem is that i don't think running away would help level up your strength and i doubt any of your work would be accounted for when you do.

you ever considered putting this up on steam, or are ya just waiting for it to be finished if you ever would?

it was fun, but i couldn't kill the plant even if i did more damage than what it was regenerating :I

This, while being uncomfortable, (due to the good writing and great art where it is shown) has been one of the best VNs i've ever read. and to be honest, i have a morbid facination with what may be written next.

I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants something with a bit less of the "Perfect Farytale Romance" schlock like everything else i've read.

Hopefully more is seen in the near future from EchoProject about this game, because it is already beaming with potential, and i am looking forward to what may be in the near future.

Can't wait!

Pretty good so far!

Will your character be able to be a different species in this game? or will we just have the human character?


I'm interested, when will this be available on windows?

It's cute! nice 'lil game <3

It's fun, and i like the style of it! keep making cool stuff. <3

I don't like how they look now, it's weird

can't play. :( this is the first time that i've actually wanted to do my taxes.

downloading it right now! 10/10

the game isn't downloading at the moment, but i hope i will be able to download it soon!