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For now you can join beta on our official site

You need to provide your email there, confirm the application and go through a short poll. After that we will send you a key in one of the stages of key distribution!

Thanks for your feedback)

Hello, Zobmachine!

We're happy that you enjoy it)

Yeah, we know about this bug, we're going to fix it next patch 

Desert Kill community · Created a new topic Tips and hints

Tell about your gameplay secrets or find other player's tricks

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Do you have a cool idea for Desert Kill? Do you want to add or improve something? Formulate a concise and unambiguous vision of it and write about it

The greatest ones will be added to our plans

Desert Kill community · Created a new topic Bug reports

No matter how hard we try to test everything in Desert Kill, there can be a lot of funny or crabby bugs 

You should report about it because knowledge is power to create a better game for all our lovely users

Then you have to wait when your bug will be fixed

Desert Kill community · Created a new topic Help

If you don't understand something or have problems in Desert Kill ask for advice, we and our players are always ready to help you fully enjoy the gameplay

Desert Kill community · Created a new topic General
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Discuss Desert Kill with other players  and find your game buddies