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Or possibly a glass bot that when hit by a laser, shoots out multiple lasers, effectively splitting the one beam into an area of destruction

I personally like the fact that when moving backwards you do an overhead swing, so you can either dish out damage or defend yourself while moving backwards

I do like the idea of sheathes for your weapons, but the dual wielding idea would kind of break the game considering that all weapons (minus hammer) slice directly through your opponents, and I think it'd be an awkward situation for both the creators and the player if they did "lower damage"

When I picture lower damage in this game I think of the blade not going all the way through your enemy, but due to the fact that the weapons (except hammer) are pretty much lightsabers slicing through everything with ease, it'd make no sense in the terms of lower damage, where in this game is dealing with damage in percentage of body hit (+fire) instead of a health bar.

The sheathes I would like to see. The disappearing of your weapons is an odd thing (EXCEPT FOR NANOMACHINES SON)! It would be a cool little detail to add to the weapons. The sword having a sheath where the blade sticks out to damage your enemies is a possible idea, or just have a full cover for it, made out of the material that the floor and walls are made of, considering you don't disintegrate those on contact.

The bow could go on your back with a small hook or latch to keep it in place, and the hammer would be tougher, considering the upgrades making the thing HUGE. However, the huge hammer could grind on the ground with sparks cuz physics. With physics in mind, the sheathed weapons could sway in accordance to movement, ex) Sword goes upwards slightly if falling, to the sides when you strafe etc.

Thanks for reading! Keep up the good ideas and work guys!

First Name: "Pea"

Last Name: "Sherman"

Occupation: Wallaby Way Sydney Worker

Thigh Gap Goals :P

Sr Pelo :D

Legend of Zelda is pretty lit

A ton of clones with no upgrades whatsoever? Your clones would get wasted so quickly

With the upgrade menu getting fuller with upgrades, and the "circle menu" as I like to call it a good looking style of upgrade menu, I drew up an style that will still be "circle-y". (It's pretty much a branching radial menu).

Lovely Picture made in MS Paint :D \/ (lower quality due to broken drawing tablet T-T)

(pretty great drawing with mouse I know)

It's mainly just a base concept that could fit more and categorize the upgrades by weapons, body mods, etc. In random upgrades a random category could be chosen and a random upgrade within that category. (Just a thought.)

Colors are there just for pretty factor, but it can be any color, because it's Doborog's game :P

I kinda just thought it up because circlez are a nice feng shui to the game.

(love you Doborog, you're my senpai)

I think would be a pretty good idea. Maybe a shield that has the lasers on the front to shield bash things into oblivion :D

A spidertron that chases you with some intimidating feature would be AWESOME. I can imagine it like a sapper from the game orcs must die 2, which just chase you down and blow up. That would give a very OMG RUN PLS DUN DIE feel to later rounds

As you can see I have no arm, especially my sword arm, and this has happened every once in a while with enemies as well. I'll try to get a picture of an enemy with no arm. Just giving a heads up.

I think for the jetpack ultimate upgrade it could be the jetpack transports you almost instantly, or just way faster. You would press a certain button which would enable a slow mo mode, kind of like the slow-mo bow mode. This would enable you to choose where you would like to go. You would go the normal speed as the jetpack, but everything still goes slow, so you can hit enemies quickly and efficiently.

Have you ever seen the game Aragami? Whenever stealth is brought up to this game, it comes to mind.

There could be an upgrade where you have un-fryable circuitry, where you either recover almost instantly, or the EMP doesn't impact you at all.

I think it could be like Metal Gear Solid 5, where you could hold or press a button to lob the grenade, with an indicator of where it will (most likely) land, and press another button to roll it, with an indicator as well.

No, after you posted the picture, you want to copy the image, not the URL, and paste it into the text box

"Analysis-Bot, what do you think of the upcoming battle?"

"My notes say that this bot has never been beaten before, and the human will likely die"

"I like those chances, they are nice"

"Super nice"

"Nice as ice"

"We should start a musical act muahaha"

The human flips out of the upgrade-bot's hand and backs up on to the elevator, which slowly rises and builds suspense of the human's final challenger. The human is equipped with a clone, jet pack boosters, and unbalancing techniques, and the Get-Up ability.

As the human reaches the top, the MkIII Sword Bot dashes swiftly into their direction with incredible speed. Releasing a horizontal slash, it catches the human off-guard, nearly killing them in one agile attack. The human, on their robotic toes parries the swipe though, and in a fantastic display, both the human and the MkIII Sword Bot parry each other's slashes perfectly, the sound of clanging and the flying sparks has the crowd on edge.

The human jumps and kicks his opponent, and jumps up to perform and overhead swing to finish off the bot, but the bot was ready and quickly rolls to the side and slices off the human's left arm. The human flinches, falling over. They roll backwards, and grip the sword with bone-crushing might.

The human jet packs forward and thrusts his sword in the bot's direction, but it parries the blow, and side swipes the human into scrap metal.

"In a shocking turn of events, the human has been diced into cubes, what's your take on this Comment-a-tron?"

"The human was weak to fall, but the have a clone, and it's currently in the Danger Zone."

The human's clone awakes, in a state of psychopathy and rage to the Sword Bot. The clone steps onto the elevator, which blasts upward with incredible speed. The bot stands there, and turns around to face the clone. Gripping it's sword in both hands, the Sword Bot readies itself for an attack of unimaginable power.

The human steps forward slowly, then picks up speed and slashes the bot continuously, but the bot dodges each slash, but can't get any of it's own in, as they were instantly parried. The bot was running low of energy and slowed down in speed. Using this to it's advantage, the clone gives a final barrage of strikes, and reduces the bot to flakes of metal. Then a mysterious form appears, telling the human to make a run for it when the garbage force field deactivates, and in a blaze of freedom, it follows the order.

The human escapes into the city, and the form tells to those in storage, if that we all work together, we can stop this madness.

(Special thanks to Doborog for making an incredible game to inspire me to make this story :D)

There is no need to create an account to post on imgur, as you can just post. Creating an account is mainly for liking another's post.

You could image host, which is posting an image using something like Imgur, then copying the photo once posted, then pasting it into the text box. Should work on mac, but I haven't tried it yet so I'm not 100% sure

Since the garbage robots are tanky af and eventually despawn, what about every garbage bot killed, it either gives you an upgrade point or works up to an upgrade point. For the second idea, you would have to get x (I would say about 3-5) garbage bot kills to get an additional upgrade point.

Another gadget I'd like to see is an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) tool, so all enemy robot in a radius are stunned for a set period of time. The tree would have things like larger radius and longer time stunned

Another cool idea is a teleport ability. It would be at the very end of the energy storage tree, as it would need all 4 energy bars to operate. Another suggestion for the teleport is that it would slow time to a crawl to let you pick the spot you want to teleport to, and not get killed in the process.

Last gadget I can think of is a horizontal slash that sends out of wave of energy to decimate foes. A little idea is here \/

(best artist I know) It would have an upgrade path that would lead to a longer wave, a faster wave, and the wave would go farther.

This post is prone to be edited with more ideas, so be on the look out

(Just wanted to add a little note here, when the game updates with more upgrades, the circle that is present isn't gonna cut it, unless if you have a Batman: Arkham Knight type of upgrade system [has the circle layout but under multiple genres] a layout I would prefer [you don't have to do it, it's your game :D] is this \/)

Go home physics, you're drunk

If you want the easy way out without losing a life, just exit to the main menu and re-enter the game. This repairs you completely, and isn't super cheaty :D

Alright mate, thanks for letting me know what to do if it happens more often :D See ya about

I have got another instance of an enemy that should be dead, this time you can see it more clearly



Hope this helps out!

I can try to record whenever I am on the level, but it might be hard to have it happen, as it is completely random. So far it has only happened 2 or 3 times over the course of about 4 hours of game play, so I might be hard to reproduce the event.

I only ever use the kick whenever I am facing only one foe, normally a jetpack bot, to stun them momentarily, but if I use it when facing multiple enemies, I usually get myself turned into scrap. You may love the kick and that's amazing if it suits your play style, but I personally haven't had good moments with it, so i don't kick frequently.

The bouncing effect on saws hasn't really been reduced. On the level where there is a huge hill with archers on the side and sword enemies coming to slice you to bits, I can run and jump on top of a saw blade a fling into the air as if I could fly. I'm pretty sure this is just a little quirk on that particular level, because in other levels I just get shredded to scrap metal.

I think the jet pack could also give you a small boost mid-slide, but if you hit a wall whilst jetpack is on, you get stunned for longer, negating the Get Up upgrade. Controlling the mouse with your sword would seem kind of difficult, considering you're sliding along the ground pretty quickly (as I imagine, you are going pretty fast). Another cool little detail could be sparks bursting from the pixels that touch the ground, for a little more aesthetic. Finally, I think you should be able to turn just a tad bit, because you could probably shift your weight in a manner that would cause you to turn. Possible upgrades would help with steering, and could lower energy use of the thruster while sliding.

I love the jetpack, it is SUPER OP, in the case where you can just hit and run enemies, so you dice them up all while getting out unscathed. I also really love the bow, but my aim is terrible and half the time I am forced to use the sword because my arm got lopped off. I still really love the deflection though, cause it has saved my life and gotten me kills more times than I can count. But that's just my two-sense on the subject :P

I believe it is overpowered, I'm just not lucky in the situations like the ones stated above, with my luck, the MK II Jetpack pack would do an overhead swing, swiftly cutting me in bits, or I just get ganked by arrows, which is kind of annoying. Useful tool? Yes absolutely, but in my experiences, it has gotten me killed way more than saving my life (or clone)

The only time I've cheated points was to rush the jetpack and the bow and arrow, which the 2 together are wuper hilarious to use in my opinion. You might want to to watch your energy levels though :P

I like the idea of this, but I think it could exploited very easily and people would rush to it like the arrow deflection upgrade. But hey, that's what balancing is for :P

I have a question, if you lose your left arm you can't use bows anymore right? But of you lose you right arm, you die, which kind of makes no sense, unless their is an explanation I'm not seeing :P

This also angers me. I hate how a SINGLE PIXEL off of your head and your gone. I can understand your head getting chopped in half and you die, but a single pixel off the head and your gone, which is really annoying an extremely inconvenient.

Just giving a heads up, you should probably post this in the bug reports section as a new post :D

Flamethrowers, Wallmounted lasers, Mines,

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Sorry if some of these were already added, I'm listing the ones I haven't seen yet (will most likely have edits with more ideas)

I would like a sword throw. At first you would have to run and pick it back up, but an upgrade could make you throw like a lightsaber/boomerang which has it come back to you.

Another little bug, where the enemy's leg was completely separate from his body but was still hopping around.



The legs are a bit hard to see because of the floor, but if you look closely you can see the legs are detached.