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You're welcome! I look forward to seeing your game progress. Good luck.

After playing for a short while I've noticed some things are missing or are not intuitive.

1.)When the user is filling out fields for the first and last name, or anytime text is entered into multiple boxes, uses expect that hitting the tab key will advance to the next text box.

2.)Perhaps change the name of FrontEnd Design to Design so it doesn't get confused with FrontEnd.

3.)When selecting a skill automatically select the first sub skill for the user.

4.)Change the color scheme of acquired skills, available skills, and unattainable skills. For example once unlocked the skill should be green, perhaps use red for ones that can't be unlocked yet and use the dark blue for the currently selected skill.

5.)Add a purchase location button while in preview location mode, this way the user doesn't need to back out of that screen to select the location if they decided to purchase it after previewing,

6.)Camera rotation feels slow/unnatural.

7.)Add a pay all button for the pay bills page if the player has enough money to do so. Perhaps add an autopay feature to unlock later down the road for convenience.

8.)Don't show the pay bills reminder if the player has paid all of the bills for the month. This will cut down on unneeded notifications.

9.) playing the boo sound effect on a shipped project that was successful but has some bugs feels overly harsh and should be reserved for project failure.

10.)As a user that speaks English as a first language I don't know what Bilan means. Also the currency is hard to read for me please add better currency localization.

11.) Music is too repetitive. I turned off the music within 15 minutes of playing.

12.)Remove the need to drag an employee to a project after project creation, it's not intuitive at all. Combine that step into project creation and it will seem more intuitive. This is an opportunity to teach the player how to assign employees.

13.)At some point add a free roam camera so I can enjoy all the hard work put into the art style and environment.

The game is shaping up nicely. I like the art style, I like the keyboard clicky-clack sound. I enjoy the breakdown of skills/features when creating a project it gives the user a sense of participation. Is there going to be a way to have the employees take breaks/sleep? If not the other areas of the office seem wasted. Overall this is good for an alpha build keep up the good work.