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So... I'm not if this first thing is a bug but I found it a little weird. I was looking through the menus and had to hit escape several times just to get out of everything. I looking through the items, sounds and controls, and when I wanted to go back to the game itself I had to back out and have all three menus reappear with my only hitting esc about five or six times.

I know this second thing is a glitch. I was using my keyboard to play and as a fight started I mistakenly hit the enter key to bring up the menu. As soon as the little animate for the Father-Daughter Team attack had finished I was unable to do anything in battle expect watch the turn time tick down.

This last thing is more a nit pick. But a skip speech feature would be nice for dialogue. Especially for those that are playing the demo over again. Especially for when you mistakenly talk to the NPC's more then once because your trying to get through it.

Other then that, so far the demo's have been great. Personal I would love to see some general NPC's to talk to just to see other players bopping around the demo world, but I get that a lot of that is being held off till the full release.