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A member registered Jun 28, 2017

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This is a shame. Oh well, I suppose you technically win!

Just so you know, I decided to extend it for an entire day because you were the only one to submit an entry once it closed. But I won't extend it a second time.

No problem. I understand that you don't at all mean to come off as rude, so I do my best to not take offense :-)

It will. It was originally to end by the start of August, as it still will. And voting is meant to end on Friday night.

You know what, sure why not?  Any genre you like. Just has to use an RPG Maker based engine, and that's it!

I changed it back to two weeks, and I'll be honest there isn't really a prize but the main point is it's a nice little "contest" for experience, or the fun of it.  Some people don't have motivation to just make a game randomly, so they need that little nudge that is a "deadline". But I understand everything you're saying. Maybe I just don't know cause I come from different communities, haha. Most people I know don't care for prizes.