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Dee Visser

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Thank you! The artist did a fantastic job with him :)

No ETA yet, as I need to rewrite everything in a more stable engine and I also want to commission some more CGs :)

I plan to release an improved version of the demo (with more outfits, an extra scene at the start and redesigned quests) and that will be for Mac as well :)
ETA: soon

Thank you, I'm happy you liked it :)

I will start working on Dear and Mine during the summer; I'm saving up to commission a nice looking GUI for Ren'Py (more stable than the engine I used for the demo!) and more art!

Thanks! Hopefully I'll release it within the year :)

Ah, yes, it's a known bug of the engine. I'm planning to redo the demo and release the full game in a more stable engine!

Dear & Mine is BL only :)

Thanks! :D
Yeah, an engine update broke the GUI and the textwrapping of D&M. Further updates broke the folder system, I need to remake the whole thing before working on new material ^^'

Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you're pumped up about my little game! I was sure I had replied but apparently not orz sorry about that

I'm done writing Ayu's route and now I need to write Marco's and Terry's ;)