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Love the update! The robots are a surprising challenge, and the way the AI reacts now is great. I agree with what another poster said about the robots having a sound when they detect you, sounds great.

The SMG is fun, and the barrel smoke is a nice touch.

But I feel like the pistol is angled down a little bit to my Vive controller, just a little, maybe like a degree or two off.

But other than that great job and I'm excited to see what the next part of this update brings!

Hope you don't mind, I made a video of the gameplay!

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This is fantastic, I just got done playing this for about an hour, and boy its a blast!

I haven't noticed any bugs yet, so that's great!

Some things that would be great to add:

- Faster bullets? Maybe as a difficulty option, right now I find it very easy just to walk/dip/dodge the bullets, I've really only died a couple of times.

- Headshot only mode. Again only a difficulty option, but I get mostly headshots in this (so satisfying btw) so making to where I HAD to hit the head would be that much more satisfying.

- Varying levels, like the one we have now is "The Sewer" and we can have another be "The Coumpound" and it's like a futuristic castle/military base, maybe have a space-station type map with small windows to see out into space? Lots of possibilities here! All that would really take is just different textures added onto your existing generator (probably, I'm no programmer, so tell me if I need to shut up! ;))

Great job so far, and I'm really excited to see whats coming!