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Definitely looking for this feature. Looks awesome either way.

I don't want to refresh this page. It was a good show.

That's very cool. I've been interested in level creation within game worlds since I first heard of the game Dark Cloud for PS2. I thought it would be this big sandbox with NPCs and monsters reacting to the little castle towns you'd build, like Stronghold the RPG, but it just turned out to be an RPG with a customizeable town. Dragon Warrior/Quest VII from the same period offered even less customization but at least worked your progress rebuilding the areas into the lore, but apparently needed 20 years and the success of Minecraft to finally update the formula with Dragon Quest Builders 1/2. 

I'm not even a big RPG fan, these are just the games that seemed to give you level construction tools at a time when everything else felt like modding, second job type toolsets (Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls, etc). I appreciate them more as an adult but when I was more imaginative about games the idea of playing a game I could rebuild around me and go back to playing without swapping between two different programs was all I wanted. 

Sandboxes in games are great. A sandbox where you can build the rest of the sandbox sounds even better. I'm not a big fan of 2/2.5D games and prefer iso/hex/perspective for building stuff, but this one is pretty cool and as a customizeable engine could be picked up long after you've moved on to another project. Good luck to you.

Never saw this reply and wanted to reassure other people. Download is fine. Thanks!

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Windows Defender / MSE and CryptoPrevent both instaflagging this with a Trojan at download and it's preventing some downloads in Chrome automatically. Haven't tested it beyond that, obviously.

Edit: mentioning this because reporting systems can be abused like anything else. Worst case, ya did in fact got me, and your files actually got piggybacked.