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Dad's Indie Studio

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Thanks duuuuude!! Lets see how much work I can put this summer ^^ enjoy your holidays!!

Update: already fixed (I hope, but you can try will be great to know if the issue persist 😂)

Hi! Sorry for the super late answer!! 😅

Thank you for your nice words, I've just summited a new version mostly with polishment because I've been also working in art, I'll be honored if you can give it a try and give me your feedback!! 🙂

Hi, I'm Amadeu Martínez! I'm an artist making Auri's Tales,  a tiny game made with love and very few resources.

I'm making this game in my free time, just for the pleasure of do it. I'm in love with the idea of leaving it behind as a gift for my daughter,  and I like to imagine that she one day will play a little 3D adventure designed by her fathers, in a fantasy world based on our own life.  

Jim Henson's Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Prince, Zelda I, Mario 64, Conker Reloaded or Dark Souls are some of the influences that inspire this game in different ways.

Your support will help fund the development of Auri's Tales, I'd hope that you enjoy playing!


Thank you!

super!! thank you so much again, it will be fixed in the new update :)

Hi Cryptic, thanks for playing and the nice feeback! 

My sister told me the same regarding how to get to the top... I need to understand exactly from where you can jump to the roofs, but seems something easy to fix :)